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Listen to a different kin entrepreneur each day!

Hear about their career wins, their missteps - and where they're headed next! Get their Kin Week Challenge to help you uplevel your business and professional practice.

Monday, November 23
7 to 8:30 pm EST
John Bocti
'Enjoy the Ride'

John is the owner of Kinnected Chain. His career path is focused on maintaining the independence and mobility as well as enhancing the athletic performance of a rapidly growing demographic - the older adult population.

John has grown his kin biz by realizing the importance of networking, finding your niche and - trusting the process. Once he realized his love for working with 'people of advancing age' he's never looked back!

Your Challenge? Get super specific about attracting the right clients - for you. John has a great task to help you focus on the best clients to build your professional practice.

Tuesday, November 24
7 to 8:30 pm EST
Stephanie Thompson

'Coach Steph' has narrowed her focus to working with competitive curlers - pretty specialized practice right? And her online program success is pretty amazing!

Kinesiologists often struggle with being underemployed and underpaid. Why not create your own business - from scratch? Watch Stephanie show you how to create the job you can’t find on Indeed - in 8 steps.

Your Challenge? Work through the step by step process to finding your ideal client and, as a side benefit, your ideal job - you may already know who (and what!) that is ...

Wednesday, November 25
7 to 8:30 pm EST
Jasmine Lall

Jasmine has an extensive background with clinical rehabilitation. She has designed a comprehensive six week online course to build her business - and you can too!

Jasmine works with clients pre and post hip and knee replacement. She realized that her clients needed FAR more support than they were receiving from their physicians and surgeons. With her creatively designed course she's satisfying a huge need in our field. Listen in to learn just how she did it!

Your Challenge? A beautiful and simple to follow journal with prompts will set you up to contemplate some big questions about your future.

Thursday, November 26
7 to 8:30 pm EST
'Malik The Kin' Carby-Corbett

Malik LOVES to work with highly motivated athletes. His success comes from designing highly specialized exercise programs to support their high level sport demands.

Malik often says 'Your network is your net worth.' And he couldn't be more right! Hop in to this presentation to learn how to collaborate with industry experts and connect to scale your practice with online courses.

Your Challenge? Follow the done-for-you guide to document who your biggest fans are - and reach out to them with a simple email to connect!

Friday, November 27
7 to 8:30 pm EST
Becky Zucco

Becky is the founder of Willkin - a unique referral platform where clients and kinesiologists across Canada are matched - how easy is that?

Listen to Becky as she shows you how to help your clients realize huge health benefits through education, exercise and behaviour change. Becky's experience in our industry makes this a presentation not to be missed!

Your Challenge? Create an ad - featuring your unique skills and abilities - that could be featured by WillKin in a paid ad on FB/IG. If you win this contest you could be featured by the company in their mailings in January!

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