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Anatomy And Physiology: A Therapist's Refresher

A unique case study approach to a topic we bet you've never experienced in quite this way before!


There are many ways of tackling anatomy and physiology (A&P) knowledge and our understanding of it, but to our clients, our understanding means little if we cannot apply it to resolve their problems. 

The objective of this one-day refresher is to workshop how to apply our collective A&P knowledge in a functional way, to resolve as many of the practical case studies presented in the course as we can!


This course has a unique twist

Those attending will provide – in advancethree cases from their work. 

The chosen cases must fit the following criteria: 

  1. One case where the clinicians' A&P knowledge provided a solution/understanding which worked
  2. One case where the practitioner has found a gap in understanding – this still happens to your course instructor Declan (at 27 years in to practice!). Sometimes we realize we have a missed bit, but we don’t appreciate how valuable this missed piece of information is!

3. One case where we know we have good knowledge and understanding, but its application has not resolved the problem – hasn't this happened all of us at some point?

All cases must be anonymous so please conceal or change appropriate details.

First Line will choose from the case studies submitted and these cases will be covered within the course.

The adage that, “common things happen commonly” will bear out and most of us will find that from the chosen cases, we will take away answers with perspectives allowing us to more easily solve clients’ problems. 

We will be able to identify links between our common understanding and see ways of systematically pooling problems to achieve solutions.

Our commitment to our clients’ outcomes will remain the central focus of this workshop and our common understanding as we work together through the day. 

Join Declan in this very original approach to teaching anatomy and physiology! You didn't learn this way in school now did you?

Declan's almost 30 years of experience as a massage and fascial therapist gives him unique insight into the connections and the 'conversations' within the tissues of the body.

He'll make things understood in new ways.

Come out and join us for a dynamic day!

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