Assessment From The Ground Up - July 13 & 14 - REGISTER NOW!

Assessment Days

A full day of practicing with your course instructors to put together an assessment protocol that works for you - and your clients!


Join our crew in a supportive environment of small groups to practice your new assessment skills.

It doesn't matter what your background is - massage therapy, yoga, physiotherapy, personal training, chiropractic, kinesiology - come out and try this!

If you've ever been curious about how to progress your assessment tests based upon your findings from the test before rather than just following a cookie cutter assessment template - then these workshop days are for you!


Whether you need help with examining general movement patterns, gait and balance, or want specific help with organizing the musculoskeletal tests for the shoulder, we’ve got the time and space to spend with you until you feel comfortable! 

In this one day workshop, get familiar with testing a wide range of bodies.

Look for movement impairments, muscle imbalances, balance problems, coordination challenges – you name it and we’ll look for it – together.

Come on out and practice with us!


Choose From Three Registration Options

Early Bird


Register 30 days before course date

Lots of individual attention from a variety of instructors

Templates and typical 'step-by-step' protocols provided

Healthy meals and snacks all day

Connect with all kinds of movement therapists


Regular Rate


A full day of assessment variety!

'Done-for-you' assessment screens and tests

Make the connections for very specific evaluations

Meet your colleagues!

See different protocols and adapt one that works for you


Payment Plan


2 payments

Snacks and tea/coffee to keep you going all day

Guidance by experienced clinicians

Watch assessment after assessment to learn critical thinking patterns

Did we mention all the food?? Yep. Thought so.


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