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Assessment From The Ground Up

Posture, Balance & Gait Basics


Every good initial session with a client begins with a thorough evaluation of their movement ability and an exploration of the areas of their body that do not move as they should.

Whether your new client is looking to reduce pain and/or improve their performance, we’ll show you that starting with the feet and exploring the foot’s connection to posture, balance and walking is key.

Join us as we ‘walk’ (ha!) through a discussion about the stability and rigidity of the feet, examine shoe choices, orthotic prescription and use, and talk about various ankle movement strategies


Here's What You'll Learn: 

  • Where the anatomical 'slings' in the feet support and distribute the body's weight in standing and with movement
  • An observation of toe structures and callouses to determine where clients' bear weight through the feet
  • How to support the ankles with the feet and understand force translation up through the knees, into the hip, and then across the pelvis

  • Which lower leg muscles are too short or too long - or if they are just right

  • What it looks like when muscles are inhibited or if there is neuropathy, a nerve root irritation or impingement in the foot or lower leg

  • How to evaluate each of these lower body regions and document where the imbalances are lying


  • All of this ties together to influence a major concern of adults today – balance and fall prevention. We'll examine fall patterns and safety strategies
  • Finally, we'll practice exercises and progressions for the feet, ankles, and lower legs - including a review of balance challenges and gait mechanics


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