Case Study Day

December 5

LIVE online

9:30 am to 5:30 pm


Put it all together! Review real client scenarios from assessment to therapeutic exercise program design together with course instructors.

With a mix of instructors to guide you, explore four to six case studies each day. These case studies will involve the most common movement impairments and/or injuries that we see in our practices and our classes. 


We’ll take real client examples from our private, auto insurance, and short and long term disability client bases as well as students from our yoga classes.

We will also highlight training issues we’ve encountered in our own workouts.

It's a chance to practice your analytical thinking skills, your deductive reasoning, and your treatment planning chops. 

Learn in a safe space where making mistakes and missing steps is all ok - it's actually encouraged!


Our case studies can be used as examples to help you become better at navigating the art of exercise program design from rehab, to fitness, to performance.

Students may submit questions and/or case studies for consideration in advance of our course via email at info@firstlineeducation.com, by direct message, or through the First Line Movement Academy community.

Together we'll run through the case findings of a balance evaluation, a functional movement screen, and upper body and a lower body assessment. Learn where to go from here . Does your client need a referral, an exercise prescription, advice for cleaning up  an impaired motor pattern - or all three? Lets brainstorm!

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