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Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist


Bridging the gaps between academic programs and professional certifications like the RYT, FMS. SFMS, CPTN CPT, CSEP, the ASCM-CEP,  and the CSCS certifications


Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist

Beginning June 1, 2019

Achieving First Line's Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist (CCET) accreditation means that:

This learning experience and professional designation is not offered by any college, university, or professional association. It's unique, highly practical, led by clinical leaders, and challenging.

You will be formally evaluated by your instructors. There are small and large assignments, presentations, and both theory and practical exams. These evaluations are based upon our experiences as students, instructors, and professors at national and international colleges and universities.

This certification is very relevant to today's market challenges no matter what your background. We'll teach you how to practice confidently within your own scope of practice. 

Are you ready to become a CCET and get (and keep!) the clients you want?

Join us today!



Many new health care providers (no matter their field of study or area of interest) are unsure about how to assess and progress bodies of different ages and abilities.

We know you have questions about how you’ll fit in with other health care providers. We definitely understand the challenges of building a private practice and/or becoming a great employee in a wellness centre. We’ve got your back!

We’ll show you how to assess and reassess someone from our unique perspective – a meld of health care professional backgrounds, years of experience, and tips for personally showing up and getting the most out of your clients during those all important first few sessions.

This program is designed to ensure a high level of proficiency with clinical and functional assessments and therapeutic exercise program design. Our students tell us they love our practical courses taught by instructors with years of clinical experience. We’ll make sure you can assess any body, anywhere, with confidence!


First Line’s One Year CCET Program Offers Incredible Value!


  • A high level of practical clinical instruction through our diverse course offerings
  • A clinical coach assigned just to you for the duration of your program
  • A collaborative case study approach as we work with you on your current client files
  • Monthly one on one practical skills review tailored just for you
  • Membership in our exclusive Mentorship Group 
  • Personal and business mentorship sessions with an experienced lifestyle and wellness coach 
  • Support with online practice management, social media, and bookkeeping software to keep your behind the scenes life running smoothly


Certification Requirements:

  • Participation in our introductory nutrition course, our functional anatomy and physiology review, all First Line assessment and movement courses, clinical skills days, and case study days
  • Presentation in a clinical skills day and a case study day with instructor support
  • Regular meetings with a First Line mentor
  • Quarterly client chart reviews
  • Evaluation of insurer-ready assessment, progress, and discharge reports
  • Practical and theoretical exams for clinical and functional assessment and therapeutic exercise program design

Introductory Price: $8700

We've done our homework. There is NO other certification, post graduate diploma, or degree that comes close to the value you'll receive by teaming up with us at First Line. You'll be putting your skills to work immediately!


Payment Plans



PRIORITY access to ALL courses and practical days

PREFERENTIAL ACCESS to the First Line team's mentors, coaches and instructors

EXTRA support outside courses, practical days and special events

CONTINUE WORKING with your clients throughout the certification program!




First Line's BEST value for clinical and practical training!

A high quality practice standard in ONE YEAR with no loss of income!

Dovetail movement theory with practical client application IMMEDIATELY!


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