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Become A Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist


Bridge the gaps between your academic programs and professional certifications to define and serve your ideal clients!


Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist (CCET)

Achieving First Line's CCET accreditation means that:

  • You have a high level of competence in clinical assessment and exercise program design
  • You have excellent communication, correspondence, report writing, and record keeping skills
  • You are confident when working with a general fitness population, older adults with balance and mobility challenges, and clients with one or more chronic autoimmune diseases
  • You are comfortable working in a clinical environment, in clients' homes or condo gyms, and in commercial fitness centres
  • You have a close network of connected health care professionals that you can call on to help you with your client practice

Beginning July 6, 2019 -

This program has a flexible rolling start - join the Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist Program whenever you're ready.

You can pay your tuition either monthly or all at once for a really big discount.

All one and two day courses and Practical Days for your Certification are included in your tuition.

You can have the value of your First Line courses count towards your Certification tuition at any time!

We bet you've never seen a Certification stuffed with so many professional and practical skills before ....

The Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist Program is very relevant to today's market challenges no matter what your background.

We'll teach you how to practice confidently within your own scope of practice. 

Are you ready to become a CCET and get (and keep!) the clients you want?

We’ve got your back - for as long as it takes you to complete the CCET Program!

You can complete your Certification in about a year or you can complete the Certification course by course at your own speed.

Great flexibility to fit your practice and your life!

Many new health care providers (no matter their field of study or area of interest) are unsure about how to assess and progress bodies of different ages and abilities.

We know you might have questions about how you’ll fit in with other health care providers - in a shared practice space or in a referral association.

We definitely understand the challenges of building a private practice and/or becoming a great employee in a wellness centre.

During the Certification process you'll learn to:

  • Assess and reassess your clients from a toolbox of options with confidence - not by using a cookie cutter approach
  • Consistently show up and get the most progress possible for your clients through those all important first few sessions
  • Get comfortable putting together your initial interview questions, deciding on systems for note taking and record keeping, and consider options for your exercise program design and delivery
  • Feel confident when speaking with physicians and more experienced health care providers

It's all here!

Put your skills to work immediately - work with clients at the same time as you participate in the Certified Clinical Exercise Therapist Program

You could be bringing in more income than you are paying out each month for the certification!

We'll do our best to help you get referrals and new clients and keep the clients you have coming back for more!

This learning experience and professional designation is not offered by any college, university, or professional association.

It's unique, highly practical, challenging, and led by recognized clinical leaders.

You will be formally evaluated by your instructors. There are  assignments, presentations, and both theory and practical exams required in each course.

These evaluations are based upon our experiences as clinicians, students, instructors, and professors at national and international colleges and universities.

We understand the combination of theoretical and practical skills that will help you get ahead.

Certification Requirements:

Here are the First Line courses that must be completed to achieve your Certification:


1) Setting Up Your Practice - Intro For Entrepreneurs

2) Soft Skills For Therapeutic And Movement Professionals

Anatomy & Physiology:

1) Anatomy & Physiology - A Therapist's Refresher


1) Tensegrity Medicine Module 1

2) Tensegrity Medicine Module 2

3) Assessment From The Ground Up

4) Clinical Assessment Of The Lower Body

5) Clinical Assessment Of The Upper Body

Therapeutic Exercise:

1) Introduction To Therapeutic Exercise

2) Therapeutic Exercise Progressions

3) Yoga For Better Movement

Practical Training:

1) Assessment Days

2) Movement Days

3) Case Study Days

Soft Tissue Therapy:

1) Make Your Fascia Work For You

2) The Benefits of Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation


1) Introduction to Holistic Nutrition


To Help You Put Your New Skills Into Action You Will:

  • Present in a Clinical Skills Day and a Case Study Day with instructor support
  • Have quarterly client chart reviews using peer and practice assessment standards
  • Get feedback on physician and insurer-ready assessment, progress, and discharge reports
  • Be a part of low pressure yet high value practical and theoretical evaluations for clinical and functional assessment and therapeutic exercise program designs


First Line team members will be easily accessible to help you complete your assignments as well prepare for your theory and practical exams.

The CCET has been designed with your ideal personal learning style and schedule in mind.

We'll help you with the areas where you need to spend the most time so the program works for YOU!

First Line's CCET Program Offers Incredible Value!

  • A high level of practical clinical instruction through our diverse course offerings
  • A collaborative case study approach as we work with you on your current client files
  • A monthly one on one practical skills review tailored just for you
  • Membership in First Line's online Movement Academy discussion forum
  • Regular meetings with a First Line clinical mentor to guide you and help you with any course questions, shadowing observations, and client challenges along the way
  • Support with online practice management, social media, and bookkeeping software to keep your behind the scenes life running smoothly
  • With First Line's predictable payment for a large number of continuing education courses we're helping to make it easy for you to plan your training dollars!

Choose From Two Registration Options

Regular CCET Rate


A HUGE savings over single registrations or Annual or Premium Memberships!

Our best value for clinical and practical training!

All of First Line's CCET courses, online notes, support material, and practical experiences included in one price

Hit a high quality practice standard in about one year with NO lost income!

Connect research based theory with current trends in practical client applications immediately!


Payment Plan


12 monthly payments

Priority access to all courses and practical days

Preferential access to the First Line team's mentors, coaches, and instructors

Extra instructor support outside of every course and practical day

Start up assistance and advice to quickly get to work with your ideal clients

Continue working with your clients throughout the certification program!


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