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Clinical Assessment Of The Lower Body

Ankle, Knee, Pelvis & L-Spine


The lower body is a huge driver of upper body function and performance.

The forces transmitted from the ground through the feet and up to the pelvis are supported by and distributed through the muscles of the trunk.

Lack of movement or movement impairments can be both expected and unexpected depending upon a client's childhood development, sport training and performance, and injury history.

Join us to see how we examine the lower body and make recommendations for therapeutic movement.


Here's What You Will Learn:

  • Brief review of a postural screen including major landmark palpation
  • Establish assessment priorities based on postural screen, balance evaluation, and gait review
  • Musculoskeletal assessment and neurological screening with easy to follow templates
  • Functional evaluation of the pelvis, hip, and lumbar spine addressing necessary pattern mastery
  • Special testing of major joints and areas of interest 
  • An investigation of pain in the pelvis and lower back and its connections to past physical or emotional trauma
  • Review of the most common injuries and the possible movement impairments that may result from compensation strategies


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