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Make Your Fascia Work For You!

Come out and explore the coolest and most influential innervated connective tissue in the human body!


Our two day fascia exploration course is ideal for those practitioners who are movement therapists. It will not only be of interest to those therapists who treat clients with hands-on bodywork!

Fascia is pretty magical stuff! A lot of very interesting research and practical knowledge has been collected about this whole body innervated network.

For our clients though, it doesn't matter how cool we think fascia is!

We need to appreciate that our clients' bottom line is this: in return for their treatment dollars, can we help them move better and have less pain?

If the clues are in the fascia then let's get to it!


Declan is an experienced massage and fascial therapist who enjoys exploring the connections between movement and soft tissue. 

He brings years of teaching, practical testing, and practitioner support to this weekend all about his favourite topic!

Declan's unique perspective comes from a background of studying and teaching anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

He is a dynamic leader and will provide you with a solid foundation fascial exploration.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate how to release fascial tension in a range of tissues throughout the body
  • Take a client history and identify the indications and contraindications to using myofascial techniques
  • Apply myofascial techniques tailored to meet clients' specific needs
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the theory and practical application of anatomy and physiology for working with fascia
  • Evaluate a successful myofascial treatment and update a treatment plan as necessary

After this weekend you will understand:

  • What fascia is and how it interacts with our other connective tissues
  • The reasons why fascia becomes dysfunctional
  • The good and not so good ways we change how fascia functions 
  • How modalities and states of mind can change fascial function and efficiency
  • The optimal functional goals that can be expected when working with clients' fascia

The course is open to massage therapists and any other teacher, trainer or clinician who teaches about movement to their clients.

As you learn more about fascia in this weekend course you will be able  build it right in to your client work as long as the skills fall under your current scope of practice. 

During the weekend, there will be opportunities to apply your own modality (exercise, acupuncture, massage, etc.) together with your new understanding of fascia to others in the group and experience their work in return : )

Come out and experiment with us!

* This course does not constitute a qualification in myofascial therapy, nor will it be insurable as such. 

* First Line will have a certificate of course completion for all students for attendance and continuing education credits only. 

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