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Mentorship Program

Connect with experienced health care practitioners, personal and business coaches, and a network of colleagues to make the most of your practice!

Starting September 10th, 2019....

  • Need help to get a practice started after graduation?
  • Ready to leave a group practice and hang out your own shingle?
  • Looking for feedback for a challenging client?
  • Need to put together a new exercise program for a complex client?
  • Ready to grow but not sure how?
  • Want an accountability partner to keep you refining your strategy and moving towards your goals?


Connect with experienced practitioners for 12 weeks of online group and personal coaching. We'll walk you step by step from where you are - to where you want to be!


First Line's Mentorship Program is an  tailored 12 week experience focused on integrating the skills you've learned through First Line courses into making real money with your clinical practice.

Invest with First Line and you will get where you need to be faster than trying to puzzle these huge steps out on your own.

Work with our team and become a confident practitioner with 

Chat with us to find out if this program is for you!


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