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8 Week Mentorship Program

Connect with experienced health care practitioners, personal and business coaches, and a network of colleagues to make the most of your practice!

Movement and Nutrition Therapists!

Starting September 10th, 2019 for 8 weeks ....

  • Need help to get a practice started after graduation?
  • Ready to leave a group practice and hang out your own shingle?
  • Looking to specialize your practice and figure out your ideal client?
  • Looking for feedback for a challenging client?
  • Need to put together a new exercise programs for a complex clients?
  • Ready to grow but not sure how?
  • Want to pivot to a completely different client group or area of practice?
  • Want an accountability partner to keep you refining your strategy and moving towards your goals?
  • Considering putting together your own online course?
  • Interested in joining the First Line group?

First Line's Mentorship Program is a tailored 8 week experience focused on integrating the skills you've learned through First Line courses into making real money with your clinical practice.

Invest with First Line and you will get where you need to be faster than trying to puzzle these huge steps out on your own.

Work with our team and become a confident practitioner with the skills to find, get, and keep your ideal clients.

Learn how to accelerate your practice with group programs, pitch your practice to new referral sources, schedule talks to get in front of referral pipelines and more!

Connect with experienced practitioners for 8 weeks of online group and personal coaching.

Join Angela Pereira, First Line Education founder, and Marsha Vanwynsberghe, Life and Adversity Coach, for mentorship and coaching like you've never seen it before!

Consider us your support team - we've known each other for over 25 years, owned a variety of businesses, and have figured out quite a bit so you don't have to!

Any and all movement and nutrition therapists will be guided through 8 weeks of discussion and workshops covering the following topics:

  • Figuring out who your ideal client is and where to find them
  • Making sure you have the clinical and practical skills you need to succeed
  • Determining options for business structure, function, and support
  • Setting and advertising your professional rate or negotiating your compensation and benefits
  • Designing and creating your image - figuring out your personal and professional style
  • Learning how and where to market and advertise your services
  • Getting social media and tech help to get your voice and services in front of prospective clients
  • Exploring the opportunity to launch online client coaching and course creation with First Line
  • Ensuring you have the communication skills you need for success eg. technical report writing, and other writing and speaking opportunities
  • Looking at possibilities for collaboration with other health care providers, rehabilitation and medical centres, and fitness facilities ....
  • And, of course, there's more! : )

Join us in September for a solid start to your business as a movement or nutrition therapist with your ideal clients!

Here's a rundown of the great value of the Mentorship Program:

  • 1 60 minute group coaching call with First Line Education founder Angela Pereira each week for 8 weeks - a value of $2000
  • 2 60 minute personal coaching calls (one each month) with Life and Adversity Coach Marsha Vanwynsberghe - a value of $500
  • Complimentary Annual Membership - 3 courses per year - a value of $2250
  • Complimentary registration for 3 Practical Days of your choice - a value of $1350
  • Complimentary Monthly Membership for 3 months - $38

Total Value of the Mentorship Program: $6,138


Prices for the 8 week Mentorship Program will never be lower!

We'll walk you step by step from where you are -

to where you want to be!

Choose From Two Registration Options

Full Program Payment



Open to all movement therapists!

1 60 minute group call with Angela each week for 8 weeks

A private 60 minute call each month with Marsha

Annual Membership -  3 First Line courses at no charge!

Monthly Membership trial for 3 months


Payment Plan

$1865 x 3

3 monthly payments of$1865

Step by step weekly coaching and support

Membership in the First Line Movement Academy

3 complimentary Practical Days to practice and update your skills

Determine your ideal client and your best practice niche

Coaching to set up your own online course with First Line


We want to make sure that we can help you!


Chat with Angela Pereira, First Line Education's founder.

Find out if the Mentorship Program is a good fit for you!


Curious to learn more about First Line's Mentorship Program?

We'd love to keep in touch with you to show you more about the Program as we get it ready to go later this summer.

We'd love to see you in the fall of 2019!


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