Assessment From The Ground Up - July 13 & 14 - REGISTER NOW!

Movement Days

Experiential and experimental days for testing exercises and equipment to enhance your clients' experience and results


Come together with us for the day to work through basic and complex exercise program designs influenced by our therapeutic exercise and yoga courses.

Inspired by yoga, Pilates, ELDOA, Feldenkrais, general fitness, and Olympic weightlifting, we’ve got a huge bank of exercises and sequences of movements that you can choose from to help your clients get moving!

We’ll show you how your programs can be focused on injury rehabilitation, general function and fitness.

Enjoy a highly interactive workshop as we put together short programs that you can then build on to help your clients feel their best.

Take home done-for-you mini programs that will inspire your own creativity!

Choose From Three Registration Options

Early Bird


Register 30 days before course date

Practice the exercises from movement based courses

Take home 'done-for-you' programs

Meals and snacks provided!

Meet other movement therapists and get/give referrals


Regular Rate


A full day of movement practice!

Try new exercises and see how they feel!

A great chance to work on corrective combos with feedback

Delicious and nutritious meals!

Exercise programs accessible online


Payment Plan


2 payments

There will be coffee ...

Connect with yoga and personal training colleagues

Ask questions about your clients' programs

'Done-for-you' therapeutic exercise programs to try


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