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Angela's Story

How First Line Education Inc. came to be ... (caution - long story)

... continued from the 'About Us' page ...

After getting all set up in our new 'room' and officially opening Northern Kinetics Fitness and Rehabilitation Centre, I was all about getting out into the Bancroft community to find clients.

I spoke at every meeting I could get myself invited to, handed out flyers all over town, crafted gym membership coupons, hosted physician nights, and attended every community networking event on offer - ah, pre-internet days!

In the first year we hit capacity in my small space. I bought old treatment tables from my colleagues in a massage therapy clinic in the medical building's second floor and borrowed desks and chairs from family and friends.

I did loads of laundry every night - white towels used by our gym members and therapy clients. I folded them starting at 7 am in the gym area of the clinic while the gym members and I watched Breakfast Television on City TV. We shook our heads at all the poor people battling traffic every day to get to work ...

Our tiny centre grew and and then grew again, and I added on to the Northern Kinetics fitness and clinical space twice. Within five years we were up to a combined clinical and gym space of about 2000 square feet, 65 gym members, and a staff of eight - bursting at the seams!

We grew to add more kinesiologists (they were working as teachers and OPP police officers in town), and then we recruited and trained fitness leaders, strength coaches, and personal trainers.

We taught 12 different fitness classes at the local Masonic lodge in the late afternoon and evenings and packed every class with men, women and kids of all ages.


To the great advantage of Northern Kinetics - there wasn't a lot going on in town in the evenings! We had a lot of fun, created with abandon, reinvented over and over, and failed often - mostly forward!

The last additions to our clinical team were a physiotherapist and a nurse so we could increase the variety of rehabilitation services we offered to insurers, local physicians, and the people in town.

After five years in Bancroft, a tough decision was made to move to Toronto. I left my house, my clinic, great friends, and an amazing team!

I built a new private practice in Toronto that slowly led to where we are today. I started working with my insurance contacts from Bancroft and began doing functional capacity evaluations, physical demands analysis, and motor vehicle accident assessment and treatment sessions.

I gradually began working with personal training clients referred by other kinesiologists and physiotherapists. I got busy (and burnt out!) fairly quickly! I starting hiring other kinesiologists as consultants to help me manage my client load. First Line Kinesiologists Inc. was born!

At the peak of running First Line Kinesiologists Inc., our team was 13 kinesiologists strong and we were working with clients across the Greater Toronto Area from Oshawa to Hamilton.

My good friends Sarah, Elise, and Monika are still with me and have been teaching as First Line course instructors since 2007 : ) (Thanks you lovely ladies!)

The First Line Education company grew out of the idea to formalize all the training I was providing to the kinesiology consultants who joined my company First Line Kinesiologists Inc.

We realized that we could offer this training to kinesiologists, personal trainers, strength coaches, and physiotherapists who were getting started in practice!

Over the years it's been a roller coaster ride of wins, good (and not so good) surprises, mixed with some head shaking losses along the way.


I've certainly learned a LOT during my time in this industry and, together with my dynamic team, I'd love the opportunity to share it with you!

Our biggest project has been putting together the 90 Day Movement Mentorship. It's a deep dive through business start up and early stage growth. All designed around the lessons we've learned over the years! 

Click on 'Mentorship' in at the top of our website for more information - or reach out and give me a call! You can find my contact coordinates at the bottom of this page.

I encourage you to take a peak at what First Line has to offer - so you don't have to learn the hard(est) way(s) like I did!


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