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Tensegrity Medicine Module 1 - Fascial Assessment

This may well be the missing ingredient in your assessment process! Get a fascinating introduction to biotensegrity and understand the importance of fascia in our bodies.

Using Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains, become familiar with how fascia runs in lines through the body.

Learn how to evaluate fascial tension and determine areas where fascia may be stuck between the skin and the muscles.

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Biomechanical Evaluation For The Upper Body

After a quick review of the upper body postural screen, we’ll dive deeply into a HUGE number of orthopaedic tests for the thoracic spine, shoulder, scapula.

As you practice each of the tests you gain confidence with your ability to learn the test names, differential between the tests, and complete the upper body assessment template. You’ll see how to figure out what muscles need to be tested and why.

We’ll also teach you how to do all of the neurological screening for the lower body. It’s simple and there are great tricks so you can remember it all (plus we’ve got a cheat sheet for you!).

Don’t worry - we’ve got you here - you’ll feel much better about all of this in just two days!