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Tensegrity Medicine Module 1 - Fascial Assessment

This may well be the missing ingredient in your assessment process! Get a fascinating introduction to biotensegrity and understand the importance of fascia in our bodies.

Using Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains, become familiar with how fascia runs in lines through the body.

Learn how to test fascial tension and determine areas where fascial may be stuck between the skin and the muscles.

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Biomechanical Evaluation For The Upper Body

Learn how to examine simple movements and patterns to determine where compensations are - then decide if these are ok for your client - or if they need a bit of work!
Use prepared templates to guide you through tests for both the upper and the lower body.
These movements are easy to do and will give you a TON of information about your clients' level of motor control.
The findings from these tests will be critical to putting together introductory therapeutic exercises to get your clients moving more efficiently AND effectively!