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Pereira Patterns

Simple Movement Patterns For Better Motor Control - Like 'LEGO' blocks for your exercise programs!



Explore over 35 therapeutic Pereira Patterns that you can easily plug in to and move around in your clients' programs like LEGO blocks!

These pre made and tested Pereira Patterns are structured to flow easily and feel good for every body!

The Patterns have a wide range of difficulty. Some of the Patterns are very simple. These can be used as the main part of an exercise program neurological warm up for your more advanced clients.

The more advanced Patterns are quite challenging and will be fun to introduce to your most highly conditioned clients!

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • Over the course of the weekend, we'll work through each of the over 30 Pereira Patterns
  • Some Patterns can be more challenging with simple props that will be available for experimentation
  • Pereira Patterns can easily be added in to exercise classes including yoga and Pilates classes
  • Exercises that fit well together leave your clients' bodies feeling great and they are more likely to book more sessions with you!
  • Many of the Pereira Patterns can be adapted for clients that need to sit or lie down to exercise
  • Add them in to your own exercise program for something new!

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