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Practical Days


Practical days promise plenty of time to brush up on your skills, try many techniques with a variety of ‘clients’, and receive feedback from your course instructors.


1) Assessment Days:

Functional, Musculoskeletal, and Neurological Assessment Review - Become an Expert!

 Whether you need help with examining general movement patterns, gait and balance, or want help with musculoskeletal tests for the shoulder, this is the place you need to be.

In these one day workshops, get familiar with testing a wide range of bodies. Look for movement impairments, muscle imbalances, balance problems, coordination challenges – you name it and we’ll look for it – together.

Come on out and practice with us!

2) Movement Days:

Corrective exercise program design ideas for building creative programs for your clients

Spend the day with us as we work through simple and complex exercise program designs.

Influenced by yoga, Pilates, general fitness, and weightlifting, we’ll show you how your programs can be focused on injury rehabilitation, general function, fitness, and/or improved sport performance.

Enjoy a highly interactive workshop as we put together short programs that you can then build on to help your clients feel their best.


3) Case Study Days: 

Learn from real client cases presented by course instructors and clinicians

With a mix of instructors to guide you, explore four case studies each day. Two cases in the morning and two in the afternoon. These case studies will involve the most common movement impairments and/or injuries that we see in our practices and our classes. 

Our 'real client' case study examples are guaranteed to help you become better at navigating the art of exercise program design from rehab, to fitness, to performance.

Students may submit questions and/or case studies for consideration in advance of our course via email to [email protected] or through our closed Facebook group the 'First Line Movement Academy'. We'll send out a call for ideas to our students in advance of each case study day.


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