Resilience & Mental Wellbeing For Health Care Professionals

Introductory Webinar


You're always looking out for others - but who is looking out for you? 

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What is 'mental health'?

Spend an hour with kinesiologist and corporate wellness manager Allysha Jindal as a preview to her upcoming mental wellness course.

Allysha will share strategies to identify signs of anxiety, burnout and depression. Some of these signs may surprise you!

Walk through simple self care options, download a checklist for your reference and commit putting yourself first even for this hour - it's time just for you!

Build Awareness

Explore concepts like understanding emotions, boundary setting, registering states of overwhelm, knowing when to take time for yourself, and strategies for creating space in your day just for re-energizing and/or recovery.

Learn some of the ways to bring an awareness to your mood so that you are prepared with helpful strategies to shift your state.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Can you recognize the signs of stress? Of anxiety? Of depression? All of us  experience and need to manage these emotional states from time to time.

Join us to find out some of the simple tips and tricks you could use to first identify and then shift these states in a positive direction!

Lastly, we'll talk about how to know when you may need to seek help. We'll share what kinds of help might be good options for you and how to find them quickly and easily.












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