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Soft Skills

For Therapeutic Movement and Nutrition Practitioners


Have you ever felt in over your head?

Maybe helplessly tossed to the lions?


Yep. Us too.

Dive in to all the subtleties about client acquisition, care, and retention and avoid expensive trial and error. Side step the potholes right from the start!

Come with ALL your practice questions. We’ll work our way through your list!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • We'll start at 30,000 ft - examine your values, your income needs, and your future personal and career goals
  • Analyze your current suite of skills and treatment modalities and identify knowledge gaps
  • Decide on your specialization, clarify your brand, and get to know your ideal clients
  • Organize your days for client work, admin time, rest and play time so you can avoid burnout
  • Set your rates for  individual clients and groups
  • Get client appointments to stick with no cancellations 
  • Keep great clients coming back regularly


  • Creative ways to find and land new ideal clients
  • Market your services so you can keep business coming in the door
  • Review high level professional skills like leadership, speaking, teaching, volunteering, mentorship, affiliates, networks, and continuing education
  • Get and make good referrals to/from colleagues
  • Figure out where to practice and with whom 
  • Position your self and your brand with social media marketing tips


It’s all here.

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