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Tensegrity Medicine

Module 1

Learn To Assess & Treat Soft Tissue Along The Fascial Lines Of The Body Based On The Tensegrity Model


Who should take this course?

Any movement therapist with an interest in how soft tissue along fascial lines behaves under tension, with variable loads, repetitive postures, and recurrent injuries.


This two day assessment workshop will teach the tools and objective measures to provide a more targeted and effective treatment for your clients.

The focus of this introductory course will be on understanding the newest in fascial research and clinical applications based on a biotensegrity model.


By learning to objectively test and document limitations within the connective tissue system, you will then be able to choose the most appropriate hands on manual therapist or movement retraining.

Use your new skills to help avoid over-treatment and stay true to a “less is more” philosophy.

Educate your clients on the source of their discomfort, communicate client progress to other providers, and document outcomes for further research.

What You'll Learn In This Course:

  • Understand the concept of tensegrity and its application to the human body
  • Learn about the fascial system and its role in common pathologies

  • Learn about relational anatomy and its role in pathologies and movement dysfunction

  • Gain specific knowledge of fascial lines, the anatomical landmarks within these lines, and the pathologies commonly associated with them

  • Analyze and document postural limitations in the fascial lines, utilizing myofascial testing

  • Select and apply appropriate manual therapy procedures based on myofascial testing outcomes

  • Evaluate and document pre- and post-treatment measures in order to track the efficacy of treatment

  • Design a customized treatment plan based on objective findings


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