Tensegrity Medicine

Module 2 - Fascial Assessment Part 2


October 17 & 18, 2020

with Kelly Clancy in Toronto, Canada

Not available online - IN PERSON only!

9:30 am to 5:30 pm both days



Please Note:

Prerequisite for this course is Tensegrity Medicine Module 1 - Introduction To Fascial Assessment


Learn & Experiment With New Myofascial Techniques & Find Root Causes of Soft Tissue Restrictions

This course will build on the tools you learned in Module 1, with the goal of facilitating a targeted and effective whole body treatment for your clients.

Review testing learned in Module 1 to fine-tune your skills. Then discover the latest research on the interface of the nervous system and fascia.


Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Learn new myofascial testing protocols for the neck, upper extremities, pelvis, and foot
  • Find the root cause of connective tissue restrictions
  • Finally, learn to use your objective measures to troubleshoot and create an efficient and cost effective treatment plan 
  • Become familiar with the latest research related to mechanoreceptors and the fascial system

  • Perform new testing protocols for whole body assessment and treatment.
  • Learn innovative light touch therapies to address abnormal tension patterns and restore three dimensional balance through the system.

  • Review documentation and communication about objective testing measurements and how to use that data to analyze the greatest restrictions in the body.

  • Problem-solve a treatment plan based on objective measures and assessment principles.

To learn more about Kelly Clancy and her Northwest School of Structural Therapy click here.

"Taking Kelly's Tensegrity Medicine courses has transformed not only how I do my own client assessments - but also how I teach them to First Line students to evaluate their clients and patients. I can't believe I had never before considered fascia in my assessment protocols ... well that's changed!"

Angela Pereira
Founder & CEO, First Line Education Inc.

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Get the full course outline for our Tensegrity Medicine Module 2 - Fascial Assessment. The course includes two full days of material, templates, checklists and support!