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Tensegrity Medicine

Module 3

Learn To Use Light Touch Therapies, Additional Myofascial Retraining Techniques and Reciprocal Stretching



Tensegrity Medicine Modules 1 & 2

Change the way that you see dysfunctional patterns the body. Explore light touch therapies using the fascial, nervous and ligament systems as a way to reset abnormal tension patterns.

Learn additional myofascial tests affecting the lateral aspects of the body to objectively assess the tensegrity and myofascial mobility of the body’s structure.

Learn neuromuscular retraining protocals using reciprocal stretching as a means to reset the three-dimensional balance of a localized region.


With the ability to objectively test and treat the neuromyofascial system, therapists can get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently while treating common pathologies with ease.

Using reciprocal stretching, the therapist can ‘retrain the brain’ to reestablish normalized movement patterns to allow restoration of normalized functional movement.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Understand the newest scientific facts behind fascia, ligaments, and the nervous system, and their roles in musculoskeletal tension patterns

  • Learn about fascial alignment and how alignment issues contribute to common pathologies

  • See the role of tensegrity in the human structure, and how three-dimensional balancing of the entire body can affect long term change in pathological patterns

  • Use myofascial testing to gain objective measures of restriction and change
  • Reestablish normalized movement patterns by using reciprocal stretching protocols

  • Use objective measures to accurately document, educate, and obtain reimbursement for acute and chronic pain conditions

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