Tensegrity Medicine

Module 3

Fascial Assessment Review & Treatment

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9:30 am to 5:30 pm each day



* Course outline available later this year

Day One: Fascial Assessment Review

Eligible Students: The first day of this training will be for the practitioner who has taken Tensegrity Medicine Level 1& 2.

Practitioners who are curious about Levels 1 & 2 can also 'test' the concepts of Tensegrity Medicine for their own practices by sampling day one of Module 3. Return to take Modules 1 & 2 from October 15 to 18, 2020 before progressing on to Module 3 as described below.

These students will review concepts and assessment protocals explored in the introductory courses.  Students will have an opportunity to share their clinical experience of using biotensegral testing and discuss practical steps on changing their clinical approaches from a biomechanical model to a biotensegrity based approach.

Students will then learn additional biotensegral tests which will add to their ‘toolbox’ of assessment-allowing a more thorough three dimensional picture of tension-compression throughout the system and thereby establishing a clinically objective rationale for therapeutic intervention.

These new testing protocals will assist the practitioner in objectively assessing the connective tissue mobility of the body’s three dimensional structure.

With the ability to objectively test and treat the neuromyofascial system, therapists are able to accurately get to the root of the pattern quickly and efficiently,  while treating common pathologies with ease.

Days Two & Three: Fascial Treatment

Eligible Students:  All students are welcome

These two days will be for those clinicians who have learned to assess the body from this new biotensegral lens and for those therapists who are new to assessing the body from a Tensegrity Medicine paradigm.

This section of the class is specifically for those students who are wanting to gain manual skills by using light touch neuro-fascial techniques as a means to reset abnormal tension patterns.

By using these targeted light touch techniques, the therapist can reset abnormal fascial restrictions and ‘retrain the brain’.

By changing the three dimensional tension patterns in the global system, alternative movement patterns become more easily available and can be emphasized in functional exercise.

Those therapists who have learned to assess the body utilizing biotensegral testing, will then be able to test both pre and post treatment thus validating the effectiveness of the treatment and educate their client on their unique patterns.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the role of compression and distraction forces and how they contribute to common pathologies.
  2. Understand concepts of biotensegrity in the human structure, and how three-dimensional balancing of the entire body via light touch strategies can affect long term change in dysfunctional patterns.
  3. Understand how to use biotensegral testing to gain objective measures of restriction and change. (Day One)
  4. Understand how to reestablish normalized movement patterns by using light touch protocals.
  5. Understand how to use objective measures to accurately document, educate and obtain reimbursement for acute and chronic pain conditions. (Day One)

Registration Options

Day One - Fascial Assessment Review ONLY - This is a great introduction to fascial assessment techniques. See you just on May 22!

Early Bird - SINGLE DAY ONLY - tax included


Register 30 days before course date

Problem solve treatment options as a group - osteos, OTs, RMTs, physios, kins & chiros

Course notes and support material available online


Regular Rate - SINGLE DAY ONLY - tax included


A value packed review day!

Practice a unique approach to physical assessment

Update your client interview skills to prep for a focused assessment


Registration Options - FULL 3 DAY COURSE

Fascial Assessment Review & Treatment - We look forward to seeing you from May 22 to May 24!

Early Bird - ALL THREE DAYS - tax included


30 days before course date

Network with a huge range of practitioners

Improve your objective assessment knowledge


Regular Rate - ALL THREE DAYS - tax included


A full three days of fascial fun!

Explore fascial treatment techniques

Practice your new skills with lots of guidance


Payment Plan - ALL THREE DAYS - tax included


2 payments due before course date

Paying over time is easier on your budget! You're welcome : )

Learn to treat the body in a whole new way!


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