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Thai Foot Massage

Learn all the ways that foot mobility, enhanced by Thai Foot Massage, is integral to overall health and wellbeing. 


Thai treatments, which have evolved over a couple of millenia, generally start and finish with the feet.  

The Thai believe that the feet are especially important to their SEN energetics and that foot mobility is integral to overall health and wellbeing. 

A Thai foot massage is therefore, much more than a foot rub. 

We’ll use Thai foot sticks from Chiang Mai market and foot wrapping, in this energizing treatment.


Thai Foot Massage Offers Us:

  • A comprehensive mind and body treatment performed on the feet
  • An ideal treatment for clients who don’t want to disrobe
  • All the benefits of reflex and energy work and a fabulous massage
  • Better respiratory function through the relaxant effect
  • Better systemic circulation and cell nutrition
  • Better lymphatic elimination and immunity

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • The physiological benefits and effects of using Thai foot massage techniques
  • Carry out a consultation and identify indications and contraindications to Thai foot massage
  • Perform a Thai foot massage tailored to meet your client’s specific needs
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the theory and practical application of anatomy and physiology for Thai foot massage
  • Evaluate a Thai foot massage treatment and amend a treatment plan accordingly

* For those learning Thai foot massage who have massage therapy qualifications and insurance, this is a certification course. Certification will be based on continuous assessment throughout the day and a range of oral and written questions. 

* For anyone wishing to use Thai foot massage with your clients, please check your scope of practice or consult with your professional association or regulatory College for more information.


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