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Yoga For Better Movement

This unique experience introduces the meeting of yoga and 'biodynamic movement' and the language and benefits of this unique combination.

If you already love yoga, or if you're curious about it but have never set foot in a class - this course is for you.
For those new to yoga, for long time students and for yoga teachers - come on out and try something new!
During the two day experience,
learn about and try different kinds yoga and understand the specific outcomes for each style.
Experiment with these yoga movements and styles to build your own practice and your compliment your clients' exercise programs.

After This Course You Will Know:

  • An experience of several types of yoga
  • The correct use of breath in yoga and how your clients can benefit from better breathing
  • Optimal breathing to match energy expenditure during practice, how to measure those benefits, and how to communicate them to clients
  • An experience of chanting and a discovery of the unexpected benefits for your mind and body
  • How moving mindfully can transform your clients’ approach to exercise
  • Your existing range of movement protocols through the lens of yoga can introduce a fresh dynamic for your clients
  • Familiar movements and exercises, how they relate to yoga, and can be known by another name
* Students will be able to use any of the skills learned in this course with clients and students according to their own scope(s) of practice.
* Course completion is intended for continuing education only and does not constitute a qualification in either yoga or breathing practices.

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