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Malik Carby-Corbett is a Toronto-based kinesiologist specializing in movement and performance optimization. He has always had a passion and curiousity about the inner workings of the human body, and how all the systems can be optimized and expressed through athletics.

Blurring the lines of clinician, strength coach and sports therapist, Malik's skills traverse a multitude of capacities - from weekend warriors, to clients returning from injury/surgery, and to elite provincial and national level athletes looking for their competitive edge. He has also designed his own line of athletic apparel and education courses.

Malik has traveled coast to coast, working with high-performance teams and organizations. He most recently made the trek to New Zealand for an international competition with the Canadian Misfits Rugby 7's.


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Writing the professional Registered Kinesiologist exam is a rite of passage.

It's like your graduation from high school, getting an offer of admission to college or university and when the ink finally dries on your new degree or diploma and you get it into a frame and then up on the wall.

All big steps need support and guidance - and we're going to commit fully to help you get to the next stage on your professional journey.

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8 Weekly Self Paced Modules With Short Video Based Lessons

Get prerecorded videos of every lesson including ALL the slide decks for your reference.

You can go back to every component of the course material - over and over again as you study!

Fun Flashcards To Quickly & Easily Test Your Knowledge

Improve your memory and rapid recall with multiple flashcard deck options. Might as well gamify your studying!

We've got aa huge variety of anatomy, physiology, professional practice questions for you - with to-the-point answers.

Impress even yourself with your kinesiology smarts!

Practice Quizzes, Case Studies & A Complete Sample Exam

We'll teach you how to analyze multiple choice questions to find the right answer and carefully work through case studies.

We want you to be really comfortable with the exam format.

Writing a great exam has to do with your knowledge of the material being tested of course - but you also have to learn how to write a good exam!

Don't worry - you've got this! We'll show you a small pile of tips and tricks to help you do your very best 🤓

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Choose from three levels of First Line support:


Tier 1 - Speed

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Tier 3 - Performance


Every level has great features - the higher levels simply have more time with Malik and the First Line team:

* Tier 1 - Speed - You'll get everything you need for a great exam experience

* Tier 2 - Power - We'll answer your questions during group calls

* Tier 3 - Performance - You get one on one coaching for an hour every week!

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With the wide range of study assistance provided throughout the course, you can be comfortable knowing there will be many ways to test your comprehension.


Check out this list of help we have for you:

A series of short and simple video based lessons every week

Online support groups so you can chat with others 24/7

Quizzes to test your study skills

Flashcards for a bit of fun quick recall

A full length practice exam so you get a 'dress rehearsal'!

A workbook that goes along with every lesson

ALL of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario learning modules are also included!

Get every study tool and all the information you need in one place


Course modules and lessons - its ALL online!

The course is divided into eight modules with three to five short and simple lessons in each module. It's easy to watch or just listen to the content whenever its convenient for you. You can listen to exactly what you want and when you want - over and over if you like 😁

Malik The Kin & The First Line Coaching Team

Our team of Registered Kinesiologists will make sure you have the support you need.

We will be consistently available to help you study, to practice your new skills and to reassure you that you can write your professional kinesiology exam with confidence.

We'll show up - so you can too.

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Got Questions? We Thought You Might ...

We're Ready For You!

This course is not endorsed by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario 🤓

So, the fine print is this - our course was neither developed by the COKO, nor is there a guarantee that by enrolling and completing this course that you will pass your RKin exam.

But know this - we will give you every kind of support we've got to help you along the way!