A Four Part Wednesday Webinar Series

The Change Blueprint:

Four Pillars Of Self Care

Hosted by Marsha, Angela, Allysha and Heather









October 14

Are you going about your day ‘in’ your story or ‘on’ your story? Understand how getting vulnerable and authentic about who you are and why is the first step to creating the life YOU want! Learn to truly own your story and take radical responsibility in business and in life.

October 21

Our nervous system is quite sensitive to our food choices, the quality of our sleep, and how we breathe and move through the day. Hear how everything comes together in this one hour presentation. Take home checklists and exercise programs to support your new habits!

October 28

Learn how to use mindfulness as a way to become aware of your emotions and then build resilience to daily challenges. Get a reference to help you stay present with your thoughts and reframe what they mean for you and your ability to cope with daily pressures.

November 4

Think about your day in three buckets: Time in, time on, and time off. Use these three lenses to consider energy management instead of simply time management. A take away resource will guide you with tips and tricks to support your daily schedule with new habits that you can adopt over time.


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4 Part Webinar Series - Meet All Four Hosts!


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Your Webinar Hosts

Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Marsha spent 25 years working in the health care field as a Kinesiologist. She specialized in post-rehabilitation work as well as life changing coaching habits.
When you need tough love about boundaries, vulnerability and standing on your story - this woman is for you!

Read More About Marsha Here

Angela Pereira, First Line Founder

Kinesiologist, Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

Angela is the founder of First Line Education Inc. Her own therapeutic movement practice includes yoga and fascial therapy. Angela's favourite clients were older adults with multiple  autoimmune diseases. She loves to teach movement therapists!

Read More About Angela Here

Heather Foell

Business & Time Optimization Consultant  

Heather is a digital marketing specialist by day and business consultant by night. Starting out as a Registered Kinesiologist Heather made a huge entrepreneurial shift! A natural love of learning and enjoying the high level energy from entrepreneurs has moved her career firmly into digital marketing.

Read More About Heather Here

Allysha Jindal

Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, Health & Wellbeing Consultant

Allysha brings significant experience in clinical settings, functional abilities consulting, small group lifestyle and resiliency workshop facilitation to the First Line Team. She enjoys bringing resilience and health and wellness coping strategies to corporate teams.

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