Anatomy & Physiology
for Movement Therapists

Relational anatomy & applied physiology - simplified. 



This could be the missing link in your practice.

If you're a movement therapist just starting out in practice, this course allows you to dive deeper into the field of anatomy and physiology. You'll gain the confidence to speak easily about the topic areas with clients and other practitioners.

For movement therapists who are already practicing, this course will help you see the beautiful connections between the different parts of the body rather than seeing the body as distinct parts.

No matter what your experience level, this course will help you to see how everything is beautifully connected. You'll be better able to decipher the root cause of your clients' concerns. Instead of chasing symptoms you will better be able to peel back the layers of your clients' pain/problems and get to the source.

Bones, joints & muscles ...

The concepts you would expect in any anatomy and physiology course are highlighted with fun workbooks

Curious about fascia?

The fascinating connective tissue that holds you together and is the inner messaging highway of the body

Explore many side topics

The mechanics and magic of breathing through your nose, regulating your nervous system and more!


Learning Objectives

  • Enjoy a deep plunge into the body’s inner workings via relational anatomy
  • Gain a detailed understanding of all the major orthopedic joints in the body
  • View the body as an integrated whole vs just a collection of parts 
  • Explore how the entire body is connected via its complex fascial network
  • Learn how the body puts together movement patterns (and where they might fall apart)
  • Be able to apply this new perspective to increase your confidence and get your clients the results they're looking for

    The course is great as a prep course for writing a certification exam, preparing to enter a professional school or when starting an undergraduate degree with an a & p requirement.
    We've got it all here.


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Here's an overview of the course

The course is 90% pre-recorded and divided into four modules. You'll get videos, workbooks and quizzes for each module and you'll go through the information at your own pace.

Module 1: Introduction & Laying the Ground Work

Module 2: Connective Tissue

Module 3: Relational Anatomy, Myofascia & Tensegrity 

Module 4: Regulation of the Body & Mind

"I have been using this knowledge in my own practice for years and can't wait to share this information with other therapists, so more people can benefit from well-educated therapists."


"Teaching anatomy and physiology to movement therapists both already established and those starting out is my passion. I enjoy teaching adults immensely and have studied the most effective ways of teaching adults in an engaging manner."

Simone Nitzan, Course Instructor
Registered Massage Therapist, Respiratory Physiologist, Yoga Teacher

Appreciate your body in a whole new way!

Enjoy learning from beautiful slide decks, videos, workbooks and quizzes to assess your knowledge after every module.

Once a month join us for 75 minute Meet Up on Zoom and also once a month connect with us Facebook Live.

The Zoom Meet Up will be a guided discussion highlighting various topics throughout the course with lots of time to ask questions. If you can't make it to the Zoom Meet Ups the recordings will be posted for you in your online course library.

A dedicated course Facebook group is the place to drop by to ask any questions you have and to meet other students in the course.

Check out the course outline

This is a HUGE course that is packed with value for anyone wanting a very thorough review of all aspects of anatomy and physiology. 



Leah Fasset, Yoga Teacher

"I feel so much more confident in my anatomical cueing after learning from Simone. As a movement teacher I think there is a huge need for instructors to feel more confident in their anatomy knowledge. I can't express enough how great Simone is at guiding this part of the learning journey."

Dr. Deborah Eve Mechanic, Hons BA Kin, DC

"Simone changed my whole viewpoint and the things I’ve learned from her have completely changed my practice, and my patient outcomes. Learning with her was dynamic, engaging, and interesting. Simone really went above and beyond in teaching the anatomy necessary for not only an effective yoga practice, but also had a hugely positive effect on my chiropractic and acupuncture practice."

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