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Practical Movement Therapy Courses In Toronto

For ALL therapeutic movement professionals!

Whether your thing is yoga, personal training, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, Feldenkrais, Pilates, kinesiology, ELDOA, or chiropractic...

Identify your clients' weaknesses, compensation patterns, and hidden restrictions and teach them how to achieve pain free daily movement with ease!

We get it - it's tough to find good quality continuing education courses that challenge you to uplevel both your skills and how you show up for your clients.

We're here with practical solutions - no matter what your professional title!

Join us for one and two day live weekend courses in one of four practice areas:

1. Practice Organization & Leadership

2. Posture, Balance, Functional, Musculoskeletal & Fascial Assessments

3. Therapeutic Exercise & Program Design

4. Soft Tissue Therapy

We'll help you confidently design a solid professional practice that attracts the clients AND the revenue you can be proud of!

Build Your Practice With Clarity & Confidence:

  • Figure out who your ideal client is, how to find them, and, most importantly, how to keep them!
  • Learn how to quickly select and perform functional and manual assessments with skill and confidence
  • Filter assessment findings to select the most simple and effective corrective exercises
  • Create unique therapeutic exercise combinations to correct movement impairments, and improve balance, stability, and mobility
  • Learn a variety of soft tissue manual therapy evaluations and treatment techniques for improved movement
  • Get whole food nutrition and lifestyle tips and tricks to manage focus, productivity, stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Build connections with colleagues, attract quality clients and great referrals, and smoothly manage a growing practice with confidence

Find a course from one of the sections below:

Questions? Drop us a line any time at [email protected]

Practice Organization & Leadership 

  • Quickly set up your own business, decide on your professional rate, and find AND keep your ideal clients
  • Hire the experts - coaches, virtual assistants, lawyers, bookkeepers, and accountants when you need them
  • Set your rates, negotiate your salary, and manage your money to hit your revenue targets
  • Get tips to maximize productivity, balance the busy-ness, avoid burnout, AND keep it all together!

Posture, Balance, Functional  and Musculoskeletal Assessments

  • Pick and choose from a huge toolbox of movements and manual tests mixed and matched to guide you confidently through the assessment of any body
  • Easily identify common compensation patterns of muscular and nervous facilitation and inhibition to direct your treatment
  • Learn how to talk to clients about your findings so they can get great results from your sessions!

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Select simple corrective movements at just the right level of challenge for your clients based upon your assessment findings 
  • Safely and creatively progress these therapeutic exercises as you easily integrate them into your clients regular routines
  • Keep your clients interested and coming back for more as you move them quickly towards their rehab and fitness goals

Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Get comfortable trusting your ability to assess and mobilize soft tissue with your hands
  • Understand the complexity of emotion, pain, and trauma held in soft tissue and how these experiences can influence energy, organ function, and movement patterns
  • Learn a variety of hands on techniques for mobilization, massage, and stretching to encourage unrestricted blood flow throughout the body

An Introduction to Tensegrity Medicine

Meet Kelly Clancy, an occupational therapist, structural integrator, massage therapist, and Bowen teacher. Kelly will be teaching a three part series of courses introducing a unique assessment and treatment method using biotensegrity medicine.


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