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Master the assessment, exercise therapy and clinical business skills you didn't learn at school that are absolutely needed to become a confident, in-demand kinesiologist


From Your Registered Kinesiologist Exam - to Practice Startup - to Clinical Mastery. We've got you covered.


The leap from college or university to professional practice is a big one. It can be intimidating. You may be tempted just to stay in school rather than jump into your new profession or challenge yourself in a new market area.

Don't. Your clients need your unique knowledge and passion for your craft! Our team will make sure you make the jump with confidence and style to spare.

For almost 15 years we've helped thousands of new grads and kinesiologists in their early years of practice gain confidence with their clinical skills, find their ideal clients, sell their services to employers and get great results for their clients. We can help you too.


"After taking one course, you will want to take another - trust me."

"To find a fellow kinesiologist that has been in my shoes, knows what I am going through and shows enthusiasm and dedication to guide me through the obstacles she has already been through has been a great relief and has finally brought back my excitement and confidence in achieving my career goal. After taking one course, you will want to take another – trust me. I can see that there is so much I can learn from the First Line Education team that would make me a better health care provider."

~Sabrina Doyle, RKin

Upcoming Course Spotlight

Functional Testing for the Upper & Lower Body

Coming to an 'on demand' format in May 2021

Learn how to check the stability and mobility of the major joints in the body through a series of unique movement patterns. See the origins of functional testing. Understand the many protocols already in use - and why they are so successful!

Find out how a collection of simple tests can tell you a LOT about your clients - no matter what their age! Practice using objective and subjective tests to design creative exercise programs based right from the tests themselves. 


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