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Online And In Person Continuing Education - For Any and All Movement Professionals 
  • Quickly select and perform functional and hands on assessments with confidence
  • Create unique therapeutic exercise combinations to correct movement impairments
  • Incorporate a variety of soft tissue manual therapy evaluations and treatment techniques 
  • Teach your clients whole food nutrition and lifestyle tips and tricks to manage auto immune diseases
  • Connect with colleagues, attract quality clients, and easily manage your growing practice 

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Practice Organization & Leadership 

Become a great employee, set up your own business, find and retain ideal clients, get solutions for daily practice questions, find and hire tax and legal experts, strategies to manage your money, tips to avoid burnout AND keep it all together!


Whole Food for Autoimmune Disease

Help your clients navigate whole foods, common digestive allergens and irritants, gut health strategies and supplementation for clearer thinking, consistent mood, improved focus, productivity, and better brain health.


Assessment, Exercise & Soft Tissue Therapy

Master musculoskeletal and neurological assessment tips and tricks, practice clinical skills with colleagues, try new manual therapy techniques, and learn therapeutic exercises for high level client satisfaction!


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Students will be invited to join our online community network. It's THE place to talk with a range of health care professionals to share practice questions, ask for business advice, and contribute research articles of interest about movement, exercise, sport, mental health, and nutrition.


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