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Online And In Person Continuing Education -         For Any and All Movement Professionals 
  • Quickly select and perform functional and manual assessments with skill and confidence to get client results
  • Create unique therapeutic exercise combinations to correct movement impairments and improve strength
  • Learn a variety of soft tissue manual therapy evaluations and treatment techniques for improved movement
  • Teach clients whole food nutrition and lifestyle tips and tricks to manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Connect with colleagues, attract quality clients, and smoothly manage a growing practice with confidence

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Practice Organization & Leadership 

Quickly set up your own business, decide on your professional rate, and find AND keep your ideal clients. Hire bookkeeping, tax, legal, and business experts when you need them. Learn strategies to find growth capital and manage your money to hit your revenue targets. Get tips to maximize productivity, balance the busy-ness, avoid burnout, AND keep it all together!


Whole Food Choices for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Help your clients navigate whole foods, common digestive allergens and irritants, gut health strategies, and supplementation suggestions. Create a path to consistent mood, clearer thinking, improved focus and productivity, better energy and sleep, and optimal brain health.


Posture, Balance, Functional  and Musculoskeletal Assessments

Pick and choose from a huge toolbox of movements and manual tests mixed and matched to guide you confidently through the assessment of any body. Easily identify common compensation patterns of muscular and nervous facilitation and inhibition to direct your treatment. Learn how to talk to clients about your findings so they can get great results from your sessions!


Therapeutic Exercise

Based upon your assessment findings, select simple corrective movements at just the right level of challenge for your clients. Safely and creatively progress these therapeutic exercises as you easily integrate them into your clients regular routines. Keep your clients interested and coming back for more as you move them quickly towards their rehab and fitness goals.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Get comfortable trusting your ability to assess and mobilize soft tissue with your hands. Understand the complexity of emotion, pain, and trauma held in soft tissue and how these experiences can influence energy, organ function, and movement patterns. Learn a variety of hands on techniques for mobilization, massage, and stretching to encourage unrestricted blood flow throughout the body.


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Sign up for one course at a time. To catch the early bird rate register 30 days before the course start date. Discounts may be available through professional associations and special First Line promotions.


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Weekly inbox delivery of business, leadership and professional practice tips, clinical cheat sheets, research reviews of selected topics, done-for-you exercise programs, case study summaries, exercise videos, and more! 


Annual Membership

Annual members get a simplified registration and payment process by signing up for multiple courses up front at a big discount! Members are guaranteed a spot in either 3 or 5 courses of your choice at the lowest price


Join First Line's Movement Academy

Students will be invited to join our free online community network when they register for their first course. The forum will be THE place to chat with a range of health care professionals to discuss practice questions and client challenges, look for client referrals, and ask for business advice. Members will be able to contribute research articles of interest and talk about current trends in movement, exercise, mental health, and nutrition.


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