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Continuing Education For Movement Therapists

Research Based. Practically Balanced.

Join us in Toronto, Canada or live online from your home or clinic!

Trying to navigate all the continuing education options out there?

Looking for a trusted source of high quality current information you can count on to uplevel your health care career?

The First Line team of multi disciplinary instructors teaches one and two day courses about clinical assessment, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue mobilzation, and the business of movement therapy.

We'll show you how you can:

  • Stop the daily overwhelm
  • Find your ideal clients
  • Boost your clinical confidence
  • Connect with other therapists
  • Get paid what you're worth!

'(Angela) is a phenomenal teacher as she is easy to talk to, enthusiastic, very open to questions/discussion and she really shows that she cares and is dedicated in making her students the most knowledgeable and successful movement therapist they can be.' - Sabrina, Grand Bend

First Line's courses are ideal for ALL therapeutic movement professionals who want to brush up on their assessment, therapeutic exercise, client communication, and business skills.

Whether your thing is yoga, massage therapy, personal training, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, Feldenkrais, Pilates, kinesiology, ELDOA, or chiropractic ...there's something here for you.

Identify your clients' weaknesses, compensation patterns, and hidden restrictions and teach them how to achieve pain free daily movement with ease!


Hi! I'm Angela Pereira, the founder, a course creator, and one of the instructors here at First Line Education Inc.

I've worked as a kinesiologist in private practice for over 25 years.I became a yoga teacher in 2015 and a holistic nutritionist in 2018.

When I was 23, just before finishing my kinesiology degree at the University of Waterloo, I opened Northern Kinetics Fitness and Rehabilitation Centre in Bancroft, Ontario - about half way between Toronto and Ottawa. This was before there was internet!

My first clinical space was a 400 square foot space in a medical building - with no windows - and tucked behind an elevator shaft!

In this tiny space, I had to figure out how to talk about what a kinesiologist was, promote myself as the new kid in town, find enough clients to pay my bills, and figure out how to run a bricks and mortar business with a growing staff.

No joke - my first treatment table was a pile of milk crates with an exercise mat on top, all covered by a white bed sheet!


We'll help you confidently design a solid professional practice that attracts your ideal clients, reaches your best referral sources, builds your business AND helps you to generate revenue you can be proud of!

We're here with practical solutions - no matter what your professional title!


Join us in Toronto or live online for one and two day weekend courses in one of four practice areas:

1. Practice Organization & Leadership

2. Posture, Balance, Functional, Musculoskeletal & Fascial Assessments

3. Therapeutic Exercise & Program Design

4. Soft Tissue Therapy

'As a First Line student, I have learned so much to further develop my career as a kinesiologist. Angela, the founder and one of the course instructors, has been a pivotal part in the development of my career.' - a happy student from our Introduction To Therapeutic Exercise course : )

Build Your Practice With Clarity & Confidence:

  • Figure out who your ideal client is, how to find them, and, most importantly, how to keep them!
  • Learn how to quickly select and perform functional and manual assessments with skill and confidence
  • Filter assessment findings to select the most simple and effective corrective exercises
  • Create unique therapeutic exercise combinations to correct movement impairments, and improve balance, stability, and mobility
  • Learn a variety of soft tissue manual therapy evaluations and treatment techniques for improved movement
  • Build connections with colleagues, attract quality clients and great referrals, and smoothly manage a growing practice with confidence

'(The course material) will be a great addition to my practice. I liked the course notes. Great summary tables and references to go back to.

I was very satisfied with the professionalism/organization & preparedness of the presenter.' - a pleased student from our Clinical Assessment For The Pelvis, L-Spine & Trunk course

Trying to figure out who best to learn from? Want to be smart about where to invest your continuing education budget?

Looking for practice coaches and professional mentors who have been working with clients and teaching for years?


You're in the right place.

We get it - it's tough to find good quality continuing education courses!

We know you also want to find instructors with the practical skills to challenge you to uplevel how you show up for your clients.


How do we know this?

We take a small pile of courses taught by our colleagues around the world every year too!


Find a course from one of the sections below:

Questions? Drop us a line any time at [email protected] or you can click on the chat box that you see on the bottom right of every page of our website! (it's sooo easy)

Practice Organization & Leadership 

  • Quickly set up your own business, decide on your professional rate, find AND keep your ideal clients
  • Learn to negotiate your salary, benefits, vacation time, work hours and location
  • Get tips to manage tough conversations, navigate difficult work environments, and keep your sanity
  • Hire the experts - coaches, mentors, virtual assistants, photographers, tech experts, lawyers, bookkeepers, and accountants when you need them
  • Set your rates, negotiate your salary, project your income, and manage your money to hit your revenue targets
  • Get tips to time block your schedule, maximize your productivity, balance the busy-ness, avoid burnout, AND keep it all together so you can have a life outside of your practice!

Posture, Balance, Functional  and Musculoskeletal Assessments

  • Pick and choose from a huge toolbox of movements and manual tests mixed and matched to guide you confidently through the assessment of any body
  • Easily identify common compensation patterns of muscular and nervous facilitation and inhibition to direct your treatment
  • Learn how to talk to clients about your findings so they can get great results from your sessions!

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Select the very simplest of corrective movements at just the right level of challenge for your clients based upon your assessment findings 
  • Learn how to safely and creatively combine corrective movements in different supportive positions
  • Understand how to migrate simple corrective muscle activations into a variety of therapeutic movement patterns
  • Show your clients how to combine gentle corrective movements with simple therapeutic exercises AND general fitness exercises - in one well designed session
  • Learn how to adapt your instructional style to clients of different ages, personalities, and abilities
  • Keep your clients interested  - and coming back - as you move them quickly towards their rehab and fitness goals

Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Get comfortable trusting your ability to assess and mobilize soft tissue with your hands
  • Understand the complexity of emotion, pain, and trauma held in soft tissue and how these experiences can influence energy, organ function, and movement patterns
  • Learn a variety of hands on techniques for mobilization, massage, and stretching to encourage unrestricted blood flow throughout the body

Introducing Biotensegrity Medicine with Kelly Clancy

The first in a series of three courses starts January 9th & 10th, 2020!

Come and learn from Seattle, Washington based Kelly Clancy, an occupational therapist, structural integrator, massage therapist, and Bowen teacher!

Kelly teaches her three course series internationally - this will be her first time teaching with us in Toronto!

This unique three part series of two day courses introduces a unique assessment and treatment method using biotensegrity medicine.

The first course reviews assessment from a soft tissue perspective and explains the thought process behind treating a client from this view.

The second course builds on the assessment techniques from the first course and begins to introduce soft tissue therapy treatment.

The third course is an advanced experience of hands on fascial therapy using a biotensegrity approach.

For any movement therapist new to the idea of fascial assessment and treatment, or for accomplished soft tissue therapists and massage therapists - this deep dive into fascial assessment and treatment is really fascinating!



After taking one course, you will want to take another – trust me. I can see that there is so much I can learn from the First Line Education team that would make me a better health care provider. - Assessment From The Ground Up student

Course Registration Options

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again in an upcoming course!

Single Courses

Sign up for one course at a time. Fill in your clinical gaps and plan your next steps.

Join us in person in Toronto or live online. All course notes are provided online!

To catch the early bird rate register 30 days before course start dates!

Professional Association and First Line alumni discounts are available too!



See a small pile of courses that you'd like to take in the next year or so? Yep - we thought you would!

Save $$ by registering for 3, 5 or 10 courses at once rather than 1 course at a time!

First Line students are having great success presenting a plan and securing education funding from employers!


Course Bundles

We know it can be challenging to navigate a menu of courses and figure out which ones to take!

We have three bundles of courses that are combined to be progressive and challenging.

Check out our Starter, Professional, and Specialist Series!


The First Line Movement Therapy Club Facebook Group!

Join a collective of movement therapists who collaborate on anything to do with movement and movement therapy. 

This group is open to anyone who teaches about movement - to groups, classes, and in a one-on-one setting.

This community is a meeting place to share client wins and frustrations, a safe space to discuss practice questions and client challenges, a forum to give (and get!) client referrals, and a place to ask for business advice.

Members will be able to contribute research articles of interest, discuss practice management and exercise software, equipment, exercise, and coaching trends.

We discuss employment concerns, consulting challenges, leadership initiatives, and everything else to do with the business of health care.

Come out and join us! We'd love to meet you! 


The First Line Movement Academy Facebook Group!

Exclusively for students and alumni of our First Line courses and programs, The First Line Movement Academy is a closed group discussion forum.

As soon as you have registered for a First Line course you will be invited to join.

Once you are a member of the First Line community, you'll find that The First Line Movement Academy is THE place to chat with First Line instructors and other students.

The First Line Movement Academy is a no judgement space where members connect to talk about course content and can easily network with other students to discuss anything to do with professional practice.

We hope to see you over there soon!

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