90 Day
Practice Start Up


Expand your vision of what a profitable practice looks like as you find your voice, attract your ideal clients & watch your business skyrocket!

Watch for your completely on demand online experience coming in 2024!

Exercise Professional!

Is this you??

Need help to get a practice off the ground soon after graduation?

Maybe you're feeling experienced after years in the movement therapy business and feel almost ready to hang out your own shingle?

Looking to specialize your practice and figure out your ideal client?

Want a plan for attracting and managing challenging clients in your niche?

We've got you covered in the following topics (and more!):

Figure out who your ideal client is and where to find them

Make sure you have the clinical and practical skills you need to succeed

Find options for business structure, function, and support

Set and advertise your professional rate or negotiating your compensation and benefits

Design and create your image - figuring out your personal and professional style

Learn how and where to market and advertise your services

Get website development, search engine optimization and social media marketing help to get your voice and services in front of prospective clients.

Ensure you have the communication skills you need for success. Learn about the power of blogs, podcasts and other writing and speaking opportunities.

Look at possibilities for collaboration with other health care providers, rehabilitation and medical centres and fitness facilities ....

And, of course, there's more! 

Join us for a solid start to your business. Make money as an exercise professional with your ideal clients. Plan your career path today.

Meet Your Coach

Angela Pereira

Angela has been a practicing kin and business owner for over 30 years. Since starting First Line in 2007, she's taught and mentored over 2500 kin students, professional kinesiologists and budding entrepreneurs through her online courses, academic teaching, and thriving Facebook community 'Connected Kinesiologists'. 

Mentorship and advocacy are cornerstones of First Line Education. Angela's mission is to help new kinesioloigsts shine as they start and grow their practices. Raising the profile of kinesiology to the public is also important to Angela. As she sees it, it’s really a win-win situation: by providing support and direction to new movement therapists, the profile of the kinesiology profession will expand and grow organically.

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"We'll walk you step by step from where you are -to where you want to be!"

First Line's 90 Day Practice Start Up is a step by step tailored 90 day experience focused on skill integration.

We'll help you take what you've learned through school, experience, and continuing education courses and show you how to make real money with your clinical practice.

Invest with First Line and you will get where you need to be much faster than trying to puzzle these huge steps out on your own.

Work with our clinical practice and coaching teams and become a confident practitioner with the skills to find, get, and keep your ideal clients.

Learn how to accelerate your practice with group programs, pitch your practice to new referral sources, schedule talks to get in front of referral pipelines and more!

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SO many resources just for you!

  • Access to the 90 Day Business Blueprint Facebook Group 
  • Step by step support from a large network of kinesiologists
  • Get focused on your ideal clients
  • Consent forms, assessment templates, sample legal agreements
  • Listen and/or watch each lesson on your own time
  • 'Swipe files' for social media to organize and update your feed