Fascinating Facts About Fascia


Join us for a four part fascial foundations webinar series about the wonders of our biotensegrity network

On Tuesdays at 1 pm EST

Each webinar is 75 minutes long including a Q & A session

November 3, 10, 17 & 24
$99 (tax in) for all four!


Four Weeks,

Four Topics


Week 1 - Fascial Foundations, Myofascia & Biotensegrity

Week 2 - Breathing, Your Nervous System & Fascia

Week 3 - Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Fascia

Week 4 - Fascia in Motion

Week 1:

Fascial Foundations, Myofascia & Biotensegrity

Learn all the basics about what fascia is, what it's made of, where you can find it in your body, what it looks like, and why it's so amazing!

Fascia was largely regarded as tissue that was 'in the way' during exploration of cadavers in anatomy labs around the world.

Anatomists, medicine and movement specialists typically ignored the thin and mostly fragile tissue found under the skin and over the muscles.

Little did we realize that one of the most fascinating structures in the human body was being completely ignored!

Week 2:

Breathing, Your Nervous System & Fascia

We now recognize that our nervous system regulates our fascial health and wellbeing. Humans are the only 'animals' that have conscious control of our breath!

One significant way 'in' to managing the tension held in our fascia is by becoming aware of our breath and our breathing habits.

Learning how we breathe, understanding that most of us are 'overbreathers', and that raising our carbon dioxide tolerance is a major way of improving our health puts us on the right path to big health benefits!

Week 3: Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Fascia

By now most of us understand that our brain's health depends on the health of our belly.

What we feed ourselves, how we digest our food, and how well nutrients are absorbed into our blood stream is key to both our mental and physical wellbeing.

The development and transportation of the neurochemicals made in our gut helps our brains to function optimally and, by extension, enables our bodies to move with ease.

Week 4:

Fascia In Motion

We now know that our fascia is a whole body system that communicates through chemical messages. Regulation of our nervous system depends on these chemical pathways remaining open and clear.

A sedentary lifestyle, physical or emotional trauma or previous injuries, illnesses or surgeries can greatly influence fascial health, and, by extension, our ability to move comfortably every day.

Learn how to get your fascial system moving in gentle ways to help your nervous system stay on an even keel.

Get great resources to remember your new fascial facts:

  • 'Go The Heck To Sleep' - Trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Try these suggestions to relax your nervous system for a more restful night
  • 'Shut Your Mouth' - a checklist to guide you towards better breathing habits
  • 'Strengthen Your Diaphragm - Strengthen Your Core' - Four simple breathing exercises to try at home
  • 'Daily Nutrition Checklist' - easy to adopt small habits to help your belly feel better
  • 'Fascial Mobility Moves' - Try a gentle exercise program to lengthen, tone & balance your whole body

All four weeks


Tax included!

  • Better fascia with body awareness
  • Relax tension with the breath
  • Foods to fuel your fascia
  • Slide and glide with movement
  • Movements to lengthen & balance