Fascinating Facts About Fascia


A four part fascial foundations series about the wonders of our biotensegrity network

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Fascia was largely regarded as tissue that was 'in the way' during the exploration of cadavers in anatomy labs around the world.

Anatomists, medicine, exercise and movement specialists typically ignored the thin and mostly fragile tissue found under the skin and over the muscles.


Little did we realize that one of the most fascinating structures in the human body was being completely ignored!

Here's what we'll cover

Fascial Foundations, Myofascia & Biotensegrity

Learn all the basics about what fascia is, what it's made of, where you can find it in your body, what it looks like, and why it's so amazing!

Breathing, Your Nervous System & Fascia

Humans are the only 'animals' that have conscious control of our breath! Learn how we breathe, and become aware of breathing patterns that have a significant impact on our overall health.

Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Fascia

What we feed ourselves, how we digest our food, and how well nutrients are absorbed into our blood stream is key to both our mental and physical wellbeing.

Fascia in Motion 


A sedentary lifestyle, trauma or injuries, can  influence fascial health, and our ability to move comfortably every day. Learn how to get your fascial system moving in gentle ways.  

Completing this course is a must if you want to: 

Learn all about our amazing fascial system.

By knowing about fascia and its importance in the human body, you can take steps towards improving your own and your client's overall health.  

Gain access to evidence-based knowledge.

Quickly and confidently understand and implement practical tips to keep the health of your fascial system strong.   

Put your newfound knowledge into practical use.

Join us in our two 'movement labs' where Angela and Simone will help you review your new skills and take your learning to a deeper level.  

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Meet Your Instructors

First Line Founder Angela Pereira has been a practicing kin and business owner for over 30 years. Since starting First Line in 2007, she's taught and mentored over 2500 kin students, professional kinesiologists and budding entrepreneurs through her online courses, academic teaching and thriving Facebook community 'Connected Kinesiologists'. 

Angela's mission is to help new kinesiologists shine as they start and grow their practices. Raising the profile of kinesiology to the public is also important to Angela. As she sees it, it’s really a win-win situation: by providing support and direction to new movement therapists, the profile of the kinesiology profession will expand and grow organically.

What Simone does is a little bit like magic. She teaches the principles of relational anatomy and applied physiology to yoga teachers and other movement therapists around the world in a way that makes the concepts simple to learn yet profound in practice.

Simone teaches how to dynamically blend functional movement, meditation, philosophy, and yoga postures in mindful movement sessions she calls “progressive vinyasa” in her yoga and movement classes.

Simone has developed an RMT practice called “rehab massage". Her fascial focussed treatment allows her to help clients restore healthier movement patterns by realigning their body’s fascial system.

Bonuses to help you remember your fascial facts

Each lesson contains helpful downloads to take your learning to a deeper level.  Learn strategies to help you get to sleep, tips to improve your digestion, the benefits of nose breathing and MORE!

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Lesson 3 - Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Fascia

Lesson 4 - Fascia in Motion

PLUS! Join Simone and Angela for exercise sessions during the course to show you how to improve fascial mobility.

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Fascinating Facts About Fascia


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