Assessment Level 2

Functional Testing

For The Upper & Lower Body

April 4 & 5, 2020

LIVE online

9:30 am to 5:30 pm both days



Posture, Balance, Gait - and then what?!

The movement analyses of your clients can reveal clever ways that the body has adapted its movement patterns. We know that the body is not symmetrical. We also know that perhaps it should not be trained to be completely symmetrical either!

With this in mind, learn how to follow your postural screen, balance and gait assessment with simple upper and lower body movements that challenge your clients. Watch how they move in and out of a variety of positions from standing, seated and lying down.


How your clients move will point you to the next step - figuring out where to begin a more detailed biomechanical assessment of the joints where you see movement restrictions or compensation patterns.

You'll learn detailed orthopaedic testing techniques with LOTS of support in Assessment Level 3 - Part 1 Biomechanical Evaluation For The Lower Body and Part 2 - Biomechanical Evaluation For The Upper Body.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Work your way through research based functional tests for the upper body and then the lower body
  • Get a chance to practice each exercise so you can coach your clients’ best attempts at each movement pattern
  • See the testing equipment needed for the best outcomes – everything is portable, inexpensive and adaptable to your clients’ environments. They probably have most of the necessary equipment already at home!
  • Watch for the places in each of the movements where your clients can get into ‘trouble’
  • Learn how these functional tests can be reinterpreted into parts of your clients’ therapeutic exercise program
  • Understand specifically how screening your clients’ movements can provide excellent feedback for you when considering therapeutic exercise, general fitness, or sport performance programs

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Get the full course outline for our Assessment Level 2 - Functional Testing For The Upper & Lower Body. The course includes two full days of material, templates, checklists and support!