Functional Testing for the
Upper & Lower Body

Sharpen the assessment skills you need to become a confident, in-demand practitioner



Here's what we'll cover

Functional Tests
Learn the history and research behind functional movement tests so you can expertly apply the principles to your own practice. You’ll also get an exclusive look at the First Line 5 - a simplified functional testing protocol.

Assessment Skills
Identify muscle function, movement restrictions and compensation patterns with pinpoint accuracy. Skillfully translate this information for your clients into challenging, one-of-a-kind upper and lower body movement plans.

Therapeutic Exercises
Create introductory therapeutic exercises by breaking down the faulty movement patterns into parts. Begin with simplifying the functional tests so your clients are easily able to monitor their own progress.

Testing Equipment
Find out what simple equipment your clients will need to get their bodies moving easily and achieving their best outcomes. Good news: it’s all portable, inexpensive and adaptable to your clients’ environments. In fact, they probably already have much of what they need already at home!  

Completing this course is a must if you want to: 

Learn easy-to-use screen, test and assess formulas

By standardizing your assessment process you save precious time and energy which means you can see more clients, get more referrals, and make more money.

Gain access to research-based testing protocols

Quickly and confidently create customized programs for clients which means they’ll trust you and keep coming back!

Build a sustainable, enviable reputation

Leverage your experience to attract more of your ideal clients, more desirable career opportunities, and even more superb publicity and exposure. 

You can view all the course materials including videos, quizzes and exercise programs on your desktop, laptop or phone. Enjoy access to your course no matter where you are!

"Angela blends the right amount of formal and informal learning, and creates an engaging environment, all while being in a virtual setting."

"This course was amazing! There is a lot of information to take in, however upon completion, I felt confident in my abilities to carry out the different functional movement screens.

"There are lots of resources that the First Line team has put together and I find it very helpful to have access to any of the updated material in the 'my library' section of my account. This course is very useful for any kinesiologist looking to gain more assessment tools for clinical, and sport specific populations."

~ Matthew Simpson, London, Ontario, Canada

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We've got you covered with high quality content:

  • Video lessons to watch as often as you wish

  • Complete notes in a course workbook so you can focus on understanding concepts in the moment

  • Fun activities in your workbook to help you retain your new knowledge

  • Assessment templates to use with your clients right away

  • Cheat sheets to use as handy take along references

  • Done for you simple exercise programs to get your therapeutic exercise programs started off right

  • Quizzes after each module to check your knowledge

  • Claim your continuing education credits with your certificate of course completion

And maybe even more important than what you’re going to get,
is who you’re going to become . . .

In short, a force of ‘kin’etic energy! 

A leader in your field with an outstanding reputation, a client list the length of your arm and the ability to call the shots in your life.

AND . . .

A highly skilled clinician who never fails to deliver impressive, solution-focused results and is rewarded with loyal lifetime clients, a flood of non-stop referrals and a thriving practice that just keeps growing year after year. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Still not sure if functional testing is that important to building your practice?

Then consider this:

  • Your clients need to know you, like what you offer and trust your professional skills to support your success
  • You can charge separately for functional testing as a standalone service in your business
  • You’ll get valuable referrals from family physicians, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors
  • You’ll be able to analytically think your way through designing a treatment plan that solves the puzzle of your clients’ problems

Simply put, whether you decide to go out on your own or work for someone else, you have to know your stuff if you want to be taken seriously, make some waves and enjoy long-term career success.

So, if you want to grow your kin skills, build a rock-solid reputation and be successful on your own terms, then you MUST master the art and science of functional testing. 


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"Professional intuition is intense familiarity, blended with systemic objectivity."

~ Gray Cook, Co-Founder Functional Movement Systems

Module Overview

Module 1:

Lesson 1: What Is Functional Testing?

Lesson 2: Why Do Functional Testing?

Lesson 3: Why Is Screening Helpful?

Module 2:
Motor Learning & Motor Control

Lesson 1: What Is Motor Learning?

Lesson 2: What Is A Motor Control Pattern

Lesson 3: Why Would A Motor Control Pattern Be Impaired?

Module 3:
Screen, Test & Assess

Lesson 1: Deciding Where To Start

Lesson 2: But Why Standardized Protocols?

Module 4:
Who Should I Follow?

Lesson 1: Who Are the Functional Screen Movers & Shakers?

Lesson 2: Dr. Karel Lewit

Lesson 3: Dr. Vladimir Janda

Lesson 4: Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

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Meet Your Instructor

First Line Founder Angela Pereira has been a practicing kin and business owner for over 30 years. Since starting First Line in 2007, she's taught and mentored over 2500 kin students, professional kinesiologists and budding entrepreneurs through her online courses, academic teaching and thriving Facebook community 'Connected Kinesiologists'. 

Angela's mission is to help new kinesiologists shine as they start and grow their practices. Raising the profile of kinesiology to the public is also important to Angela. As she sees it, it’s really a win-win situation: by providing support and direction to new movement therapists, the profile of the kinesiology profession will expand and grow organically.

And another happy student!

'Angela, the course instructor, was very knowledgeable and patient when answering our questions and can explain concepts in different ways that may help others understand the material better.

I loved that the course had different 'sets' of assessments from 7 well-known leaders in the industry. You can use these assessments in your own practice or even mix and match them as you perform your own assessments and gather good data from your clients.

My main takeaway from the course is to keep your assessment exercises simple, because in this manner, compensations are least likely to be hidden!'   
New kin grad from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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