Introduction To Therapeutic Exercise

November 14, 2020

LIVE online

9:30 am to 5:30 pm


Once you have all the assessment info - the subjective, objective, hunches, and intuitive musings - it's time to begin.

Figure out which findings are the most significant, pare down the noise, address the root cause(s) and start your clients out right.

Many clinicians have great assessment skills. They understand which areas of the body are too short, too weak, and too strong - and what areas are fast asleep and need a wake up call!

Many great practitioners find that they get a bit stuck at this point. And that's ok!

It can be challenging to pick the right exercises to get our clients started.

How do we know what is too easy? Too hard?

Our clients need simple exercises that feel good for their bodies and that fit together well with general fitness exercises or even sport performance techniques.

Learn where to start your clients’ corrective exercise programs.

Get ready to have some fun!

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • Using sample assessment findings, learn how to begin putting together therapeutic exercises for clients
  • Build out simple progressions from different positions - standing, sitting, side lying, supine, and prone
  • Understand the order of your programming - small muscles and movements first? Or big ones?
  • Set up and progress basic programs to meet clinical objectives, more importantly, client expectations
  • Modify exercises to accommodate client’s limitations
  • Experiment with exercise program design software
  • Play with a huge range of exercises for both the upper and lower body using a variety of equipment - so much fun!

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