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Therapeutic Exercise


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Once you have all the assessment info - the subjective, objective, hunches, and intuitive musings - it's time to begin.

Figure out which assessment findings are the most significant, pare down the noise, address the root cause(s) and start your clients out right.

Many clinicians have great assessment skills. They understand which areas of the body are too short, too weak, and too strong - and what areas are fast asleep and need a wake-up call!

Many great practitioners find that they get a bit stuck at this point. And that's ok.


It can be challenging to pick the right exercises to get our clients started.


How do we know what is too easy for our clients?
Or too hard?

Think about it this way: our clients need simple exercises that feel good for their bodies.

They need movements that fit together well with general fitness exercises or even sport performance techniques.

Learn exactly where to start your clients’ corrective exercise programs.

Get ready to have some fun!



In this therapeutic exercise course, you will:

Use sample assessment findings to learn how to begin putting together therapeutic exercises for clients.
Build out simple progressions from different positions - standing, sitting, side lying, supine, and prone.
Understand the order of your programming - small muscles and movements first? Or big ones?
Set up and progress basic programs to meet clinical objectives, more importantly, client expectations.
Play with a huge range of exercises for both the upper and lower body using a variety of equipment - so much fun!
Experiment with exercise program design software.

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"There is a huge selection of courses with very relevant material that any movement therapist could benefit from to confidently and successfully treat their clients more effectively and efficiently".


"For any Kinesiologist reading this, if you’re at a point where you don’t know what else to do with your kin degree, you’ve hit a ceiling within your company, you’re debating on going back to school again, stop! I suggest you talk to Angela and/or take some of her courses to fully realize how VALUABLE your kinesiology degree actually is and understand all the different paths you can take with your degree, so you can finally be excited about your career path again, like me!

As a First Line Education Inc. student, I have learned so much to further develop my career as a Kinesiologist.

~ Sabrina Doyle, RKin



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  • Network with other movement therapists 
  • Case studies to test your knowledge
  • Try new, creative exercises

Get a sneak peek at the course:


Module 1: What is Therapeutic Exercise?
Learn what therapeutic is and what it is not.
Module 2: Starting Your Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
Understand how to grow your therapeutic exercise prescription over time, from activation to endurance, strength and performance. 
Module 3: It's a progression: injury, disability, healing and rehabilitation.
Learn about this important progression and how to work with your clients through it. 
Module 4: How to Safely Start Your Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
Discover the precautions and contraindications for early-stage exercises as well as several equipment exercise choices.  
Module 5: Documenting Your Clients' Exercise Programs
Learn the record-keeping guidelines and how to report your clients' progress for insurers and other HCPs.

Meet Your Instructor

First Line Founder Angela Pereira has been a practicing kin and business owner for over 30 years. Since starting First Line in 2007, she's taught and mentored over 2500 kin students, professional kinesiologists and budding entrepreneurs through her online courses, academic teaching and thriving Facebook community 'Connected Kinesiologists'. 

Angela's mission is to help new kinesiologists shine as they start and grow their practices. Raising the profile of kinesiology to the public is also important to Angela. As she sees it, it’s really a win-win situation: by providing support and direction to new movement therapists, the profile of the kinesiology profession will expand and grow organically.


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  • Done for you simple exercise programs to get your therapeutic exercise programs started off right

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"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." 

~ Anonymous

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Regular Rate

*tax included


Enjoy a value packed day!

  • Network with other movement therapists 
  • Case studies to test your knowledge
  • Try new, creative exercises