Nutritional Counselling
for Exercise Professionals


Learn how to talk with your clients about nutrition
while staying within your scope of practice

This course was recorded live. It is now available on demand to make it super easy and convenient for you!

Work through the course at your own pace and on your own time.


We all know that we can’t out run a poor diet.

Our daily dietary choices influence weight loss and our general overall health and wellbeing at a level FAR greater than the amount or type of exercise we could ever do.

You might be asking, "Can kinesiologists, exercise physiologists and other exercie professionals offer nutritional advice? How much? Where does the line get drawn with dieticians, naturopaths and holistic nutritionists? Shouldn’t we just refer our clients to other healthcare practitioners for help?"

If you are consistently referring to other nutrition professionals, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table instead of building your own business. And your clients may not be getting the results they need!

What if YOU could be the health care practitioner to provide your clients with simple, but life-changing nutritional advice that optimizes their physical and mental performance?

You may not realize that simple daily lifestyle changes can lead to results that can surprise your clients with weight loss, greater mental clarity and improved physical function.

For example, did you know that one of the simplest ways to reduce elevated blood pressure is to ask your client to drink a glass of water?

The viscosity of blood is greater when people are dehydrated. This applies more pressure to our artery walls. 

Imagine reporting to your client’s family physician that your client’s blood pressure has been steadily decreasing when you check it each session because they've learned to drink water until their pee is pale yellow!

How pleased will your client (and their doctor!) be if there could be a reduction in medication that your client may have been taking for years!

There's no need  for challenging and ineffective caloric restrictive diets, weird smoothies and salads or expensive supplements.

There are SO many possible options for behaviour and habit changes in this course that finding an area where your clients are comfortable making small changes can be really easy!

This is where we step in to help you.

We'll show you how to provide your clients with simple-to-follow, research-based nutritional advice while staying well within your scope of practice and your core competencies as a kinesiologist, exercise physiologist or other exercise professional.

Don’t miss the chance to build your practice! You don’t need to send your clients off to work with other healthcare professionals to support their health progress.

When you show your clients how to implement the strategies you’ll learn in this course, you’ll be on your way to maximizing your schedule by using your new knowledge!



We've got you covered
with high-quality content:

  • A two day live weekend workshop with two instructors.  Sessions will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

  • A review of your professional essential competencies and how they relate to providing dietary advice

  • Research-based presentations and discussions with up-to-the-minute nutritional guidance
  • A highly structured (but simple!) nutrition plan that you can use to help your clients adopt new habits

  • Extra downloads to use with your clients and referral sources - blood test guidance, simple menus, food prep guides and more!

  • Easily claim your continuing education credits with your certificate of course completion

Get a sneak peek at the course:


Module 1: How to Talk About Nutrition as an Exercise Professional
Learn what holistic nutrition is and what is within the scope of practice for different exercise professionals.
Module 2: Social and Behavioural Considerations of Food Choices
Understand why food is an important part of family and society and why your clients choose the foods they do.
Module 3: Simple and Healthy Habits for Every Client
Get small practical habits you can recommend to your clients that will have a positive impact on their health.
Module 4: Go Confidently Beyond Canada's Food Guide
Discover the benefits and pitfalls of this guide and learn what recommendations you can confidently make as a kin.
Module 5: Holding on to Your Vices
Learn how to navigate individual 'desert island food' challenges and nutrition myths with your clients.

Bonuses to help you serve your clients better

The resources section within the course is chock-full of simple "ready to go" checklists you can use with your clients to help them reach their goals faster and support the education you are providing to them.  


Meet Your Instructors

First Line Founder Angela Pereira has been a practicing kin and business owner for over 30 years. She has six years of experience as a holistic nutritionist. To date, she has helped over 50 clients of all ages improve their health and wellbeing. Angela teaches her clients about how to make healthy substitutions for their packaged, processed and often less than ideal food choices. Her clients have made vast improvements and their physical and mental wellbeing as evidenced by the changes in their blood, urine, saliva and fecal test results.

Katherine Prior is a recent graduate of Western University’s kinesiology program where she focused on nutrition. With an emphasis on social and psychological impacts on nutritional habits through the lifespan, Katherine understands how food choices can be culturally influenced and lead to nutritional excesses or deficiencies. Making healthy food choices and watching the influence on her clients’ lifestyles is an interest that Katherine is actively investigating. She looks forward to learning more about the combination of nutrition and kinesiology in her new professional practice.

In this nutritional counselling course, you will:

Learn how to talk to your clients about nutrition without worrying that your advice is out of your scope of practice.
Understand your professional competency limitations and when you need to refer to other healthcare providers.
See what solid research has to say about the ‘advice’ offered by the media or the latest best-selling diet book.
Get comfortable answering your clients’ diet questions and know you can provide this service with confidence.
Learn a simple, solid foundation in holistic nutrition to help your clients achieve safe and effective weight loss.

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tax included

  • Learn how to educate your clients about simple healthy habits they can easily put into practice
  • Join a LIVE weekend workshop with your instructors and kin colleagues to get all your questions answered
  • Get tons of evidence based research and resources available at your fingertips for your clients
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the recordings and course material as well as future updates

If you completed the course but you were not satisfied with the content, our delivery or your client results, show us how you implemented our recommendations with your clients.

We’ll offer our suggestions AND happily refund your registration fee in full. We want you and your clients to succeed, and we’ll make it our mission to help!

Email us at [email protected], tell us about your experience and ask us to connect with you to process your refund. We promise to follow up with you promptly.

"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." 

~ Ann Wigmore

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Now it's time for you to decide. You can...

Decide NOT to take this course and watch your clients consult with other health care professionals. 

We bet you'll miss the possible $500 to $3500 extra dollars in your pocket by not learning how to help your clients reach their nutritional goals.

Take the real risk that your clients may be trying to navigate Dr. Google for nutrition recommendations.

Your clients might decide to follow advice and purchase programs on their own that offer recommendations that aren't appropriate for their underlying health condition!




Reassure your clients that you will save them time and money with trusted advice that comes from your own training. No need for them to spend time and money without possibly getting the results they want. 

Much of the advice you will be providing your clients will be included right in your regular kinesiology sessions together. They don’t have to spend additional time or money outside their current investment with you.
Don't miss the chance to build your practice!

This course will help your confidence when working with clients who ask your opinion about nutrition during your sessions.

By joining the course and exploring the content, you’ll realize all kinds of new opportunities for referrals from other health care professionals as well as from your existing clients.


Your clients need your support together with your physical training knowledge - why not put them together in one convenient package?

Now Available!


tax included

  • Know how to educate your clients about simple healthy habits they can easily put into practice
  • Join a LIVE weekend workshop with your instructors and kin colleagues to get all your questions answered
  • Get tons of evidence based research and resources available at your fingertips for your clients
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the recordings and course material as well as future updates