Healthy Coping Strategies For Movement Therapists

With Allysha Jindal 


Resilience + Stress

Build a healthy tolerance to anxiety and stress over time

Cognitive Behavioural Perspectives

Reframe your beliefs with a positive perspective

Self-Awareness + Mindfulness

Learn simple self monitoring techniques

Self Care + Coping

Get ideas to preserve space just for you - everyday!

Allysha Jindal

An avid Kinesiologist, Allysha and has spent her professional life exploring the diverse scope of this field. She has significant experience in the clinical setting, functional abilities consulting, small group lifestyle and resiliency workshop facilitation and has taken a vast skill-set into corporate health and wellness.

As a registered yoga teacher and a certified mental health first aider, Allysha is passionate about the very intricate connection between the mind and body and has built this into her practice as a core operating principle.

Allysha's passion for the field of mental wellness has taken her down the path of continued study and skill-building in the fields of mindfulness, the cognitive behavioural approach and resiliency. She continues to apply these principles to her own life, leading her on a journey of growth and optimized living.

Allysha aims to empower others with the tools that can create a healthy and fulfilling personal and professional life. Life is so much more than simply surviving, it is about thriving and having the best time!  


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