3 Easy Ways to Fill Your Schedule With Your Former Clients

blog business clients success Sep 06, 2022

Have you heard the saying ‘It is much easier to keep clients than it is to attract new clients.’? Very true, yes?

It is also less expensive (both from a time and money perspective) to reconnect with former clients than by creating a pile of shiny new products like:

  • Social media advertising campaigns
  • Unique downloads
  • New fun freebies
  • Lists of video resources
  • Creative movement classes
  • Topic specific webinars or masterclasses 
  • Podcast episodes
  • Social media posts and stories

Here are three easy ways that kinesiologists can re-engage clients (with some examples to get you thinking!).

1. Connect with clients on a holiday or on the client's birthday.

A holiday or a client's birthday is a wonderful time to send a thoughtful hello via email and bring you and your great services to the top of their minds once again. Consider what you know about your client's needs, then deliver it in a thoughtful way.

Example: Let's say you know your client loves new stretching ideas. Make a "Happy Birthday" short stretching page with four to five simple yet novel stretches that you know your client can do in less than 20 minutes. Then, send them an email to say happy birthday and let them know you've attached a special gift to help them celebrate. Remind them that you are there to support them with their movement program, or invite them to check out your upcoming group program.

2. Run a free challenge.

Running a short, free challenge is a great way to re-engage clients who you haven't heard from in a while.

A free challenge is typically five to seven days long and it focuses on your ideal client’s primary point of struggle. It allows clients to get a free sample of what it is like to work with you, which will help to convert them into paying clients.

At the end of your free challenge, you will have a group of people who have experienced what it is like to work with you and who feel motivated to continue. This is the perfect time to re-engage them with an irresistible, limited-time bonus offer.

Example: Let's say your free challenge is "The 5-Day Push Up Challenge". At the end of this challenge, your irresistible, limited-time offer could be: “Receive a free exercise guide when you sign up for my upcoming 30-Day Push Up Program in the next 48 hours." Or, it could be: “Get $100 off of my upcoming 30-Day Push Up Program when you join in the next 48 hours.”

3. Send a "thinking of you" note.

A simple note to let someone know you are thinking of them can be all it takes to re-engage them as a client.

Example 1: Let’s say a client completed three of six sessions with you but then ghosted your attempts to re-book the remaining sessions. You remember from their initial appointment that they were looking for ways to get stronger arms. Send them an email to let them know you are thinking of them, and attach a simple arm strengthening program. Let them know you will reach out to them in two weeks to see how it’s going so far.

Example 2: Your client was asking for resources to follow to improve their diet. You know of some fabulous cookbooks with simple recommendations for upleveling their eating habits. Send them a link and let them know which recipes from the book are your ‘go to’ favourites.


Sometimes all it takes to get clients right back into your schedule is re-engaging in meaningful conversations. Life gets busy. You understand that and so do they. Letting your clients know that you truly care about their ongoing success can mean a fuller schedule and topped up business bank accounts for you.

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