We did it! Kin School's a wrap!

We did it!

The first graduates of ‘Kin School’ have now collected their certificates of completion and pocketed quite a few continuing education credits! 

For the past 12 weeks, from September to early December, kinesiology students and practicing kinesiologists came together from across the country every week to explore different areas of kinesiology.

Together with WillKin, eXpand Courses by Respiplus, Metriks Education and the Alberta Kinesiology Association, First Line Education was pleased to host over 100 third and fourth year students from the University of Alberta’s kinesiology program. We were also joined by practicing kinesiologists from across Canada who expanded their professional education together with their colleagues. It was literally a virtual Kin Fest!

Here’s what went down:




MalikTheKin Carby-Corbett & Angela Pereira, First Line Education

Getting Started In Your Professional Practice

First Line Education team

Insightful Initial Interview Questions & Revealing Posture & Balance Evaluations

First Line Education team


Simple Gait Analyses, Fun Functional Tests & Exercise Indications

First Line Education team

Quick But Essential Muscle, Fascia & Neural Assessments

First Line Education team

Easy Exercise Progressions for Stability & Mobility

Lauren Tracey, eXpand Courses by Respiplus & WillKin
McGill University


Understanding Options for Respiratory Rehabilitation

Dr. Steve Fischer
University of Waterloo

Ergonomics & Occupational Wellness

Kevin Cairns, Metriks Education


Job Demands Analyses

Kevin Cairns, Metriks Education

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Brittany McBeath
Queens University


Introduction to Cultural Safety

Colin Baillie
Queens University


Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Levi Frehlich & Jessalyn Holodinsky University of Calgary


Critical Analysis For An Evidence-Based Practice

For the very first launch of Kin School, we saw students in the program benefit from a broad look at our profession. We were able to come together as a kinesiology community across the country. We realized that there is a BIG need for the kinesiology community to come together regularly across Canada. It goes without saying that the First Line Education team also learned a LOT, aiming to provide high quality support each week as a continuing education provider for kins!

Kin School aims to bring together our kinesiology community from coast to coast.

Kin School supports a bigger conversation about our profession. As researchers, professors at colleges and universities, continuing education providers, students and practicing clinicians, we have a responsibility to the public to learn about the opportunities provided by our kinesiology training. We need to continually speak up about kinesiology and support each other across the country both online and in person as our profession grows and becomes more recognized by governments, employers and potential clients.

Kinesiologists have a unique opportunity to occupy the wellness coaching space in Canada. We have the ability to bring current research to our clients in an easily digestible and practical way. What we do is critically important for the prevention of chronic disease, for improved daily function, for greater productivity and safety at home and at work, as vital to better sport performance. The services and expertise we provide is key for supporting all Canadians so they can show up every day with zest for life!

Are you interested in presenting a future session of Kin School?

Is there someone you might recommend who performs research, teaches about and/or works in a unique area of our field?

Maybe it’s you?

We are committed to finding a wide range of high quality presenters with a kinesiology background who have practical experience in the profession.

Interested? Reach out to us today at [email protected].

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