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Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia, there is an interesting origin of the word ‘entrepreneur’. The term comes from the French verb ‘entreprendre’ meaning ‘to undertake’. The ‘entre’ has its origin in Latin and means ‘between’ and ‘prendre’ means ‘to take’. It surprised me to learn that ‘entrepreneur’ also resembles the sound of the sanskrit words ‘antha prerna’ meaning ‘self...

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4 Ways to Finance Your Dream Health Care Practice

You have a great idea. You’ve painstakingly written your business, marketing and financial plans and tested your ideas with family and friends. Now you’re ready to pull together the financing you need to get started. But where can you go to find some cash?

There are four common ways you can finance your dream wellness business or health care practice:

1) Bootstrapping
2) Venture capital
3) Seed capital
4) Government backed loans and grants

Here’s some helpful tips for financing...

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