Are Compensations Helping or Hurting Our Bodies?


When we’re not looking, physical compensations start to change our anatomy and possibly even our physiology. Our bodies are SO good at adapting that we are often not even aware of how subtle the changes are! We may be using entirely new muscles and also not using the right muscles in the right order to perform the tasks we need to do every single day.

So how do we detect these subtle changes, and how do we address them to prevent long term strain and possibly injury and pain? Functional testing. Tests of very specific movements designed to be highly sensitive to changes in our regular movement patterns.

If you’ve ever tried any of these tests yourself, and there are many options from the simple to the extreme, you were likely amazed at the findings. ‘What do you mean I couldn’t keep my body straight/lift my arms overhead/bent forward? It felt like I did the movement you asked me to do just fine!

Except you didn’t. Your body did it the best way it could. But it wasn’t by using the right muscles for the right movements any more. And this needs to be discovered early and corrected quickly - before you end up with a tired and painful muscle that has been overused and abused!

Keep your body happy by becoming aware of movement impairments that can be corrected quickly and easily before pain and disability start to change your day.

Interested in learning how to do simple movement screens for clients of all ages? Want to find out more about how these screens can reveal objective markers for progress? Curious about how to build simple exercise programs from each of these screens that can restore proper movement patterns quickly and easily?

Join our completely ‘on demand’ course coming up in late May: Functional Testing for the Upper & Lower Body. Work through the content at your own pace online and join us for a future ‘Movement Lab’ via Zoom. You’ll be able to watch a wide range of assessments in real time and try them along with us together with your partner of choice. Hop on to our waitlist today to find out more as soon as the BIG REVEAL is ready!

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