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6 Tips to Choose a Stand Out Business Name

Congratulations! You’ve tested your business idea and you’re ready to press all the buttons and start your small business. You’ve researched your competitors, found your best client niche and you’re ready to hang out your shingle and become an entrepreneur. So...what will you call your business?

Unless you’re operating a sole proprietorship or registering a corporation under your own name, you’ll need to take some time and think about the best name for your...

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What’s In a Name? 3 Ways to Name Your New Practice

Not surprisingly, many people come up with their business idea well before naming their new venture. Naming your new business or professional practice comes with a lot of hand wringing and head scratching. After all, your new business name has to sound professional, be catchy and stand the test of time. It’s a lot to consider!

Here are three ways to name your startup:

1. Use your own name and add your profession afterwards, e.g. Angela Pereira Kinesiology, Pereira Performance Training,...

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