4 Creative Ideas For Getting New Business Referrals

Everyone knows that a consistent and predictable flow of clients through the doors (whether in person or virtually) keeps your lights on and your cats fed. Ignoring this important part of establishing stable cash flow could create uncomfortable situations for you and/or your employer (not to mention your cats!).

If you are an employee then quite simply, your job depends on the ability of your employer to create new valuable products and services to sell to existing clients. Your employer is also preoccupied with finding new business so they can increase their revenue and, ultimately, their profit month over month.

If you are a sole practitioner who provides consulting services for a range of different individual clients and companies you have to keep your eye not only on your existing clients but also making sure that you have a full pipeline of potential clients that can feed your business (and your cats!).

Think tangentially to find new business.

Here four ways you can creatively find new referrals:
1) Look to dentists and dental specialists

General or family dentists, pediatric dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and cosmetic dentists are a super interesting option for an entrepreneurial minded health care pro. (Did you realize how large this field is? Me either!) 

Having worked with more than a few dentists and dental specialists over the course of my career, many have told me that they realize that other health care practitioners could really help their patients. The problem? They don’t have the time or a thorough enough understanding of the scope of practice, expertise or the practice location of their colleagues in order to make a solid referral. Why not make this easy for them by reaching out to them with how you can make client referrals simple?

This group of doctors could refer patients who want to stop clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth. Perhaps there are patients who need help to stop mouth breathing and learn to breathe easily through their nose. Maybe patients with receding gums and eroding enamel from chronic or recurring acid reflux could use some general nutritional advice. 

2) Check out the sleep study, respiratory therapy and CPAP industries

There is a HUGE need for wellness practitioners to assist clients with learning how to breathe through their nose. This instruction, while it appears quite simple on the surface, actually involves the practitioner doing a deep dive into anatomy, respiratory physiology, biochemistry, sleep physiology and nutrition. Sounds pretty interesting, yes?

What if you outlined a simple three or four session group class to address the risks of mouth breathing and counsel clients about simple breathing techniques and nutritional habits to help them become better nose breathers? The results are generally fast and sustainable. Everyone wins!

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3) Consider approaching mental wellness experts

Psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists all counsel clients about behaviour change. Could you assist with the incorporation of these new habits by using wellness coaching techniques? You could show their clients and patients how to add whole body fascial movement training and upgraded nutrition habits into their day. 

I have personally sought the counsel of many mental health counsellors. They each have their own ideal client focus and a particular approach that they have honed over the course of their practice.

When I switch my hat from patient or client to health care colleague, I ask them about whether training their clients with breathing, movement and nutrition could support their work in between sessions. Their answer? ‘You bet!’ Help a fellow practitioner out and by explaining your unique product or service, how it can help their clients. Then show them exactly how to send clients your way easily and quickly.

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4) Build programs for athletes

Clients who love to compete in their sport of choice are always on the lookout (whether they realize it or not!) for new and innovative full body functional movement pattern training that compliment their high performance strength, speed and agility goals.

Athletes are amazed at the seemingly simple contributions of strengthening the muscles of their foot arches, helping their toes to work more independently of each other and increasing their ankle dorsiflexion. As the foot and ankle begin to function better, hip range of motion and strength seems to magically quickly improve and greater shoulder range of motion, strength and power can be achieved. (I know, mind blowing, right?!) The importance of fascial training as a huge contributor to improved athletic performance cannot be overstated!

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As you can see from the wide range of examples above, think far and wide about the possibilities. When you allow your brain space to really get creative without worrying initially about how to market and ultimately sell your idea, you’ll surely surprise yourself with your list of possibilities. 

If you and your team create in person or (even better) online methods of delivering group training with a combination of helpful resources and practical sessions, you could package this up and sell this to your referral sources making a big difference to your company’s bottom line. 

Step outside the conventional ways of delivering health, fitness and wellness services. Think big before worrying about the practical details. Have fun with designing opportunities that you know your ideal clients will love!

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