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Treat The Pain Experience, Not Just The Result

blog guest blog pain Jan 24, 2022

Guest blog post written by Megan North, currently enrolled in Western University’s Masters of Interprofessional Pain Management program.

The soccer field is freshly cut, and lines are newly drawn. It's game day. Tom is putting on his cleats, getting ready for the season's first game. In the blink of an eye, there are only five minutes left of the game, and it's tied 2-2. Tom has possession of the ball; he's fast and tries to beat the defender in front of him. BAM! Tom is down,...

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The Pain Relief Secret: How to Retrain Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body and Overcome Chronic Pain by Sarah Warren

Pain can be elusive, frustrating, confusing, ‘illogical’, a bully, motivating, short term or seemingly everlasting and exhausting. It is interpreted by our brains and nervous systems differently. In her book published in 2019, Sarah Warren tells her story about experiencing two serious back injuries while training and performing as a ballet dancer.

After her dance career ended, Warren discovered the work of Thomas Hanna and his technique called ‘Clinical Somatic...

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