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What Does Success Mean to YOU?

blog guest blog success Nov 23, 2021


Guest blog post written by Danny Carillo, a recent Kinesiology and Sports Management graduate from Western University.


The following list reflects on what I have learned so far during my academic, sporting, professional and personal journey.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s been very interesting to me seeing how society tries to “mold” everyone into believing what’s acceptable and what isn’t. But I challenge you to NOT listen to what they...

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Are you impaired?

Guest Blog Post Written By:  Kevin Cairns, Founder Metriks Education Inc.


Are you impaired?  What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear that question? For me, it is the roadside test of closing your eyes and touching your nose. 

What is an impairment?

The American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (AMA guides) define an impairment as “The loss of, loss of use of, or derangement of any body part, system or...

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Why Would I Want to be Certified in Job Demands Analysis?

Guest blog post written by Kevin Cairns

Prepare for the R-Kin Exam

Have you completed your R-Kin Exam? Completing a certification course in job demands analysis will prepare you for the exam questions on this topic.

Job Demands Analysis (JDA) is one of the core competencies listed by the College of Kinesiologists Ontario and Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. In fact, it is included on the areas of professional practice page, and explains JDA the following way: Kinesiologists analyze the...

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Can I Explore Ergonomics As An Opportunity To Expand My Kinesiology Service?


Guest blog post written by Dr. Steve Fischer

Why choose ergonomics?

Kinesiologists practicing in ergonomics play an essential role in helping workers to stay at work and return to work following injury.  From back injuries to broken bones, work-related injuries and associated absences continue to cost workplaces billions of dollars within North America.  Kinesiologists with strong skills in ergonomics can lead the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) prevention fight and help...

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Creating Opportunities for Kinesiologists in Respiratory Health

I would like to introduce you to Becky Zucco and her team at WillKin.   Our next module in Kin School will be focusing on chronic respiratory health and is taught by Lauren Tracey, an accredited Kinesiologist and member of Becky's team.

Guest blog post written by:  Emily Horvat

Those with chronic lung diseases (CLDs), benefit enormously when treated with exercise-based rehabilitation programs in combination with drug therapy. Combining aerobic exercise and functional strength...

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