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How To Set Yourself Up For A Productive Day ⚙️

I see you. Scrambling to do ‘all the things’—emails, phone calls, DMs, errands, client record keeping, chasing down new business, meeting payroll—it can be an exhausting hamster wheel of fun times, right?

Not when this is your mindset month after month!

To prevent burnout and get ahead of your day, many productivity researchers recommend setting up your next day's tasks the night before. This way you can prioritize your top three tasks and organize them in a way that...

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Busy? Bump Up Your Self Care with a ‘Health First’ Mindset 💕

Do you ever feel like you’re just pushing through and looking after yourself is getting shoved to the sidelines? I get it. It’s likely a tough time of transition for many of you.

You might have recently finished your kinesiology degree and are starting to study for the RKin exam in Ontario. Or you are looking to write a licensing or certification exam in another province or state.

Maybe you are in the early crunch days of wedding planning and managing young families. Or maybe...

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5 Tips to Overcome Burnout

Guest blog post written by Giuliana Jakob, a masters student pursuing her next kinesiology degree at Western University.

We often hear the saying of “feeling burnt out”, whether it be from our schooling, our jobs, or other stressful aspects of our lives. But what exactly is “burnout” and how can we cope with this feeling within our lives?

Feeling “burnt out” can be described as feeling overly stressed or overworked, without an opportunity to take a...

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