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Book Review: Change Maker by Dr. John Berardi, PhD

blog book review Apr 29, 2021


If you’re trying to figure out how to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career that not only pays the bills, but has purpose and makes a positive impact in people’s lives, then look no further than this book. 

It was SO good - I listened to the audiobook AND THEN I bought the ‘book book’ (as my mother-in-law says). I love when audiobooks are recorded by the author. John’s voice is very easy to listen to, his cadence is great, and he has...

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Are Kinesiologists And Physiotherapists More Similar Than Different?

One of the toughest questions any kinesiologist or physiotherapist can get is: 

‘What is the difference between a kinesiologist and a physiotherapist?’

Cue the internal eye roll and the big sigh - am I right?

I think my very favourite client responses when someone phones during our home based sessions and asks what the client is doing is, "I can't talk now, I'm doing physio with my kin." or "My kinesiologist is here to help me with my physio exercises." HOLY SMOKES 


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Are Non-Regulated Health Care Professionals Substandard?


Most Canadians understand that the main mission of a health regulatory College is to protect the public from health care providers who are not practicing according to government mandated practice guidelines.

However, by listening to this message from regulatory Colleges many people may now have a bias toward seeking their health care solely from regulated providers who are working under their supervision and guidance. Canadians may be missing out on the skills and expertise of...

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Book Review - 'The Perfect Day Formula: How To Own The Day and Control Your Life' by Craig Ballentyne

While my 'Perfect Day Formula' would involve touring around in the countryside in France - I was in Provence in the photo : ), that will have to wait - at least until???

Do you have your idea of a perfect work day? A perfect weekend day? A perfect holiday day?

I read a great book recently that taught me how to set up my perfect day - every day!

I bump in to many health care professionals online and in my work with my few clients. I’m often asked what I read and who I follow as I push my...

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Audiobook Review 'How To Be Better At Almost Everything' - Pat Flynn

audiobooks Apr 01, 2021

I listen to a LOT of audiobooks!

At the moment, I’m listening to ‘How to Be Better at Almost Everything’ – by Pat Flynn. Pat is a best-selling author, fitness expert, entrepreneur, and a professional business coach. This audiobook was published in January 2019.

I've been following Pat Flynn for a few years now. He is funny, relevant, and a marketer extraordinaire!

Pat's podcast, is great company while I drive in between...

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Kinesiology Grads Are Not Ready For Professional Practice

Kin grads are not ready for professional practice!

I know this first hand after teaching in a college program here in Ontario in the fall and winter of 2018. It was not an easy experience! The fourth year kin students in that program were not ready to start seeing clients after graduation. There was SO much they didn't yet know about professional practice!

The students were pretty upset when they realized this. There were quite a few heated discussions during that class! It wasn't their...

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