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Boost Productivity Using 5 Strategies to Time Block Your Calendar

Need to find a great job? Update your resume? Write a blog post? Start a new business? You’ll need uninterrupted time to focus on these ‘big rocks’ every day. I’ve been mentoring a few of my company’s interns recently as they transition from school to work. One of their biggest challenges? Time management. Surprised? I bet you’re not!

Suddenly overwhelmed by having less structure, different time pressures, new responsibilities, moving to a new place,...

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Book Review - 'The Perfect Day Formula: How To Own The Day and Control Your Life' by Craig Ballentyne

While my 'Perfect Day Formula' would involve touring around in the countryside in France - I was in Provence in the photo : ), that will have to wait - at least until???

Do you have your idea of a perfect work day? A perfect weekend day? A perfect holiday day?

I read a great book recently that taught me how to set up my perfect day - every day!

I bump in to many health care professionals online and in my work with my few clients. I’m often asked what I read and who I follow as I push my...

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